Getting Started with a Conference Space

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A Conference Space on Gather is perfect for organizing large events with guests, such as hosting a community meetup, virtual job fair, or industry conference. These spaces are specially designed to help you create breakout rooms, manage the event, and moderate guests. 

This guide will help you get started with the basics of creating a Conference Space on Gather. To learn about all features available in a Conference Space, click here


  1. Create and customize your Conference Space. Click here to get started. 
  2. If you'll have more than 10 guests, purchase a subscription or reservation. Read our Pricing Overview here
  3. Add the Event Schedule. 
  4. Create a Landing Page.
  5. Invite your guests and get ready to hold a great virtual conference! 

Create the Space

When you create a new space on Gather, you'll see three options: Remote Office, Team Social, and Conference. Select Conference

We'll ask you a few questions about the event you're planning. After you've answered the questions, you can customize your space by adding different types of rooms. 


The room types include: 

  • Talk Rooms: Best for keynotes, panel discussions, or presentations.
  • Breakout Rooms: Great for workshops, office hours, or group activities. 
  • Lounge Rooms: Perfect for parties, happy hours, or networking events. 
  • Game Rooms: Fun for parties, happy hours, or social events. 
  • Booth Rooms: Ideal for career fairs, trade shows, or conferences. 
  • Poster Rooms: Excellent for showcases or hackathons. 

Next you'll set your event name and start/end date. (You can change this later if you need to!) 

After that, your space will be created. You can walk around, continue customizing it with the Build Tool or Mapmaker, or finish setting up the logistics.

If you'll have more than 10 attendees, you'll need to purchase a plan. Follow these guides to learn how to purchase a monthly subscription or purchase a one-time reservation

Add your Event Schedule

Help your attendees know when and where things are happening during your event. By adding an Event Schedule, guests will be able to click the calendar icon in the bottom navigation bar to see upcoming sessions. 


To add sessions to your Event Schedule, go to your Event Setup Checklist and click Add Session in step two. 

Set up your schedule by adding different sessions, including the name and description, location within your space, timeframe, and even who the speaker is. 

This is a great way to keep everyone organized and on schedule during your event. 

Create a Landing Page

Help prepare attendees to join your conference on Gather with a custom landing page. It acts as an invitation to your event, and lets your guests see event details, add the event to their calendar, or share it with their friends.

Conference Landing Page Example.png

The landing page includes: 

  • Your event details: The schedule, speakers, and any important details. 
  • Access to a quick Gather demo to help onboard new users
  • A link to enter your event when it starts

Create the landing page

Click Create on step three of the Event Setup Checklist. 

From here you can upload a cover image, type a description, and set when the space opens and closes for attendees. Buffer time is helpful to avoid bottlenecks at large events or when you want your guests to be able to test out Gather or explore your space prior to the start of your event. 

Publish the landing page

Click Publish on step four of the Event Setup Checklist. 

Once your landing page is published, you can invite attendees by sharing the link. 

The Join Event button becomes active when your event starts, or at the time you chose if you added a buffer.

If you do not publish your event, you won't be able to share your landing page. You can still visit your space from your My Spaces tab on your Gather homepage (, and Guests can still visit your Space if you directly share the Space URL with them. 

Invite your Conference Guests

There are two primary ways you can invite guests to your conference on Gather. 

  1. Share the Event Landing Page that you just created.
  2. Share an Invite Link. (Best if using a custom landing page instead of Gather's.) 

You can also invite people directly if you need to, which can be useful for adding speakers, moderators, or your fellow event planners into the space. 

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