Conference Space Settings

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These settings apply to the entire space and everyone within. This article will explain all available settings for Conference Spaces. To learn more about Office Space settings, click here

To change space settings, you must be an Admin. Click here to learn more about User Roles and Permissions


To open space settings: 

  1. Click the Main Menu button in the bottom navigation bar (with the Gather logo)
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Space at the top

Space Preferences

Space-Wide Calendar

Add a space-wide calendar to sync events with everyone in the space. The space calendar is integrated though an iCal link and must be set as "public" to be added to the space. 

You can add new calendar events with Custom Spawn Tile location links if you: 

  1. Have an Admin, Mod, Builder, or Member user role
  2. Have permission in the calendar application you are using to add events. 

Hide Tutorial In This Space

When toggled on, users will skip the tutorial and immediately enter the space. 

Preload All Assets

Load as many assets as possible prior to entering a Space.

Enabling this feature will increase load time and memory usage

Disable Invite Button

When toggled on, the "Invite" button will not display in the Participants Panel. We recommend using this for private conferences and events. 

Preserve Chat History

When toggled on, chat history will be visible when someone reloads or re-enters the space. If turned off, future chat messages will not be saved. Existing chat history will not be affected. 

Disable Chat (Premium Feature) 

If you have an active reservation, you can choose whether to enable or disable chat for all users in the space. 

Learn more about Office Chat here

Disable Screenshare (Premium Feature) 

If you have an active reservation, you can choose whether to enable or disable screen sharing for all users in the space. 

Learn more about Screen Sharing here

Space Access

These settings help you manage who and how people can access your space. 

Space Password

Restrict access to your Conference with a password. To set a new password, type it in the field and click Save. To remove the password, click Remove.

There is currently no way to view the existing password. 

Learn more about Limiting Space Access here.

Require Login

This requires guests entering your space to have a Gather account and be signed in. 

Allow Staff Access

Occasionally, Gather staff may need to access your space to support you in troubleshooting an issue. Toggle on Allow Gather Staff Access so we can enter without needing your password or to be a Member. 

Email Domain Access (Premium Feature) 

If you have an active reservation, you can restrict access to users logged in with specific domains. 

Learn more about Limiting Space Access here.

Role Configuration


These settings allow you to customize certain features by user role. For example, some events like to give all Guests access to the Build Tool. Others like to limit this feature to Admins, Moderators, and Mapmakers

Learn more about User Roles and Permissions here. 

Manage Members

View all Members in your space and adjust their User Role. 


Customize Space

This button opens the Mapmaker, our advanced customization tool. 

Learn more about the Mapmaker here. 

Space Dashboard

The button opens the Space Dashboard, where you can manage your subscription along with many of these same settings. 

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