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Currently, there is not a way to change the email address on your Gather account, but there is a work around. We recommend that you create a new Gather account with the updated email address and then add that new account to your spaces. If you're an admin of a space, follow these instructions:
  1. Sign out of your current Gather account.
  2. Make a new Gather account with your new email address.
  3. Sign out of the new account.
  4. Sign back in to the original account. 
  5. In the Space Dashboard, select User Roles, and add your new email as an Owner of the Spaces you wish to save.
    • You will receive an email inviting you to the Space. 
    • Click the email link to open the Space and accept the new role.
    • Confirm your identity by entering the 6-digit emailed verification code.
If desired, you can then remove your old email from the User Roles in the Space Dashboard.
If you aren't the admin of a space, please contact your space admin to assign your new account the correct role in the space and remove the old one if necessary. We understand this isn't the ideal solution, and we're hoping to improve this in the future. 
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