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If you've used the event checklist to host an event in Gather and have made a reservation for the event on the Space dashboard, but then need to change the Space, you must cancel your reservation. From the checklist, select Go to dashboard, then cancel the reservation for the event.

Step 3 of the events checklist. The change space button is inactive, and a red arrow points from it to Step 4 Go to dashboard button.If you want to change the Space for an event with an active reservation, first open your dashboard and cancel the reservation.  Once you've canceled the reservation, you can go back to Step 3: Space Creation, and select Change space. A warning displays: "Do you wish to proceed? This Space and its settings will no longer be tied to this event. You can find your old space under the My Spaces tab in your homepage." Select Yes, disconnect.

You then get to select the updated Space. You can create a new Space by choosing Select a template, use an existing Space by choosing Link to an existing Space, or pick a partner to design your event Space by choosing Work with a partner

The How do you want to set up your Space modal with three options: Select a template (choose from our wide selection fo decorated maps), Link to an existing Space (select a Space you've already created), or Work with a partner (Pick an expert to help bring your vision to life).You can pick your updated Space by selecting a template or linking to an existing Space. 

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