Ambient Desks (Beta)

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Ambient Desks is an experimental beta feature that's only available for Remote Office spaces as part of Gather Labs. It's designed to make your office feel more alive and increase the sense of presence from people around you. 



With the Ambient Desks beta enabled, Admins can easily change the way an entire Desk Pod works. You can choose between: 

  • Open Office: Desks will no longer be Private Areas, meaning you'll hear and see the audio and video from coworkers around you. This makes it easier to join conversations and feel an increased sense of presence from teammates. 
  • Cubicle Mode: All Desks within the pod will act as separate Private Areas, so you must be within the desk tiles to connect. This makes it easier to hold private conversations and tune out the noise around you in the office. 


Other updates include a team label next to each desk pod and videos directly above your avatar as you walk around the space. 

It also introduces Focus Mode. This replaces the "Busy" Availability Status. When in this mode, you won't hear ambient conversations happening around you, but will still be available if someone needs you. 

Enable & Use Ambient Desks

To enable the Ambient Desks beta feature in your space, you need to be an Admin of a Remote Office Space. It is not currently available for Conference Spaces. Once enabled for an Office, anyone with an Admin user role can change the mode of desk pods. 

Follow these steps to enable Ambient Desks in your space: 

  1. Open Space Settings
  2. In the Gather Labs toggle, Enable Ambient Desks. Your space will automatically refresh. 
  3. You'll see a text label near desk pods. Click it to swap between Open Office and Cubicle Mode. 


This feature comes with designated desk pods. Once enabled, you won't be able to select or remove tile effects, place tile effects on top, or create new desk or working areas. If you need to make adjustments to your map, you'll nee to disable Ambient Desks and re-enable it. 

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