Ambient Desks (Beta)

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Ambient Desks is an experimental beta feature that's only available for Remote Office spaces as part of Gather Labs. It's designed to make your office feel more alive and increase the sense of presence from people around you. 



There are two main components of Ambient Desks: 

  1. Videos show directly above your avatar for people within your audio/video range. 
  2. Desks are no longer Private Areas, so you can see and hear people sitting around you. 

To block out noise: Use the new "In Focus" status. You won't hear any surrounding noise, but are still easy to reach for important conversations. 

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 3.40.04 PM.png

To hold a private conversation: You can lock your desk area from the Participants Panel, preventing people from joining your conversation. 

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 3.53.59 PM.png

Enable Ambient Desks

To enable the Ambient Desks beta feature in your space, you need to be an Admin of a Remote Office Space. It is not currently available for Conference Spaces. Once enabled for an Office, anyone with an Admin user role can change the mode of desk pods. 

To enable Ambient Desks in your office: 

  1. Open the Main Menu (Gather logo) in the bottom navigation bar and click Settings
  2. Go to Space > Gather Labs
  3. Find Ambient Desks and click Enable. Your space will automatically refresh. 
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