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As you're getting started with Gather, it can be helpful to walk through a space and imagine what a day in a virtual office actually looks like. 

This video and guide will offer examples of how you can use your space and explain what's included with our office templates. 

Want to see one live instead? Join us for a group tour to experience how natural communication can be. Sign up here.


When you get started with a Remote Office template, you'll find these areas included: 

  • Desks for each member of your team
  • Desk pods so members of each specific team can sit together
  • 1:1 meeting areas
  • Small group meeting areas
  • Large group meeting areas
  • Formal and informal meeting areas
  • Hallways where you can naturally bump into each other


Desks give each member of your team their own dedicated workspace within the office. We recommend having 1 desk per person on your team working in Gather.

Read this guide to learn how to claim and customize a desk.

Each group of desks is great for a specific team to sit at. This makes it easy to see when the people you collaborate with most are online and can help visualize the company org chart (like who’s on the Engineering team or who’s available from Customer Support).

Meeting Areas

These are created by using Private Tiles, so you can connect your audio and video with anyone else in the same area, regardless of proximity. 

We automatically include Private Areas of different sizes in our templates, so you have space to hold one-on-ones, team meetings, and even all-company all hands. 

You can use objects in Gather to create different types of meetings also. For example, the kitchen area might become your informal break room, while the form meeting room with a door is where the weekly leadership meeting is held. 

By bringing back in person visual cues, you can really start to enhance the way that your distributed team collaborates.

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