Creating a Remote Office Space

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Getting started with your first virtual office on Gather is easy. In fact, it takes less than a minute!

This video and guide will provide an overview of how to get started with a remote office template, along with tips for choosing the best one for your team. In addition, we'll cover a few common ways to customize your space that are great to do before you invite people in. 


  1. Choose the size & theme of your template
  2. Name your office and choose how people access it
  3. Start customizing! We recommend: 
    1. Adding your logo to the lobby
    2. Adding custom objects
    3. Adding / removing extra desks
    4. Placing text labels throughout the space

Choose your template & office settings

When you create a new office on Gather, the first thing you'll do is select the size of your template.

We recommend picking a size that actually matches the number of people who will be working with you in Gather. 

Too small of a template will feel cramped, but too large will feel empty and make it really hard to bump into people naturally.

Next, choose your theme. This determines the objects and style that you start with, but you can always change this later or customize the space.

Next, give your office a name. 

At this time, you cannot rename an office. This article offers advice if you need to change your space name

Finally, choose how people access your space. The options include: 

  • Anyone with the URL can enter: Meaning anyone with the link can access your office
  • All guests need to check in before entering: This enables our Guest Check-In Experience, which requires an active member in the space to approve a guest before they can come in
  • Everyone needs to enter password: This requires everyone to enter a password in order to enter the space

That's it! You're the proud new owner of a virtual office. 

Ideas for quick customization

Most people like to add a few simple customizations to their office before inviting the rest of the team. Here are a few ideas to help you get started, along with links to full guides on each step. 

  • Add your logo to the lobby: You can do this by interacting with the sign in the lobby that says "Your Logo here." 
  • Add custom objects: Consider images like more logo variations, brand icons, or even team photos or screenshots of customer feedback 
  • Add/remove desks: Make sure there are enough desks for each member of your team to have their own place to sit. You can add/remove desks with the Mapmaker. 
  • Add text labels: These can help give people confidence to know they're using the space correctly. You can add text labels with the Mapmaker. 

If you enjoy customizing your space, there is so much you can do with the Build Tool or Mapmaker to create the virtual office of your team's dreams. But for now, these simple customizations are the perfect place to start.

To get started with your virtual office, click here. 

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