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The Participants Panel helps you see the people in your space even when you can't see them on the map. At a glance, you can see who's online, who's talking, and where you can join conversations. 

To open the Participants Panel, click the "people" icon in the bottom navigation bar. You'll notice this also shows the total number of active users in your space at any given moment. 

The Participants Panel will look different depending on whether you're in a Remote Office space or a different type of space. This article will explain the difference and the features you'll find in each. 

The Participants Panel for Remote Office Spaces


The Participants Panel is divided into 6 sections:

  1. Your Current Area (if you're in a Private Area) 
  2. Pinned Members (if you've pinned people to the top) 
  3. Active Areas
  4. Members
  5. Guests
  6. Offline Members

Your Current Area

This section displays at the top of the panel if your avatar is currently standing in a Private Area (including claimed desks). You'll see anyone else who's in the Private Area with you, so you can be confident in who you're talking to at any given time. 

You'll also find options to edit the name and occupancy of the area, copy a direct link, and lock the area for extra private conversations. 

Pinned Members 

This section helps you quickly find your favorite coworkers, designated with a star next to their avatar. 


To pin someone to the top of the Participants Panel, right-click on their name and select Pin to Top. To remove someone from your Pinned Members, right-click on their name and select Unpin.

Active Areas

This section shows conversations currently happening in your office. When you hover over one, you'll see a footprint icon appear. This will automatically walk you over to that spot of the map, so you can join the conversation in a click! 


This section shows Members of your space that are currently online. The colored circle next to the avatar will display their current Status so you know if they're available, busy, or on Do Not Disturb mode. 

When you hover over someone, you can Wave to them to say hello or send a direct chat message. This makes it easy to communicate with someone even if you're not near each other in the office. 

If you click on their avatar, you'll find information like their local time and more options for interacting. 


This section shows Guests that are currently in your space. When you hover over them, you have the same options to Wave to them or send a direct chat message. 

This section is especially helpful if you're conducting interviews in your space or inviting clients in, so you have a place to see all Guests in a single glance. 

Offline Members

This section shows Members of your space that are currently offline. If you click on their avatar, you can view their profile

The Participants Panel for All Other Spaces


All other spaces display a simplified Participants Panel that shows active users in the space. When you hover over someone's name, you see the following options: 

  • Message to send a direct chat
  • Locate on the map
  • Follow (which will automatically walk your avatar over to them and follow them around the space)
  • Request to Lead (which will prompt them to follow you)  
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