Gather Meetings Slack Integration

Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith

Gather offers an App for Slack to allow our users to launch a Gather meeting instantly from within Slack.

Note: You must be a Space admin to see these options in your Gather Space.

Connect your Gather Space

In the Space you want to book meetings in, open the Gather menu and click 'Connect with Slack'.

The Space Settings modal open to Space Preferences. The first feature that displays is Space-wide Calendar with a field to paste your iCal link and a Save button.Open the Gather menu, then click 'Connect with Slack'.


This will open the Settings menu to a new Integrations page. Click 'Set up Slack for your space'. 


The app's interface will open in a new tab.

Add the Gather Town App to your Slack Workspace

Enter your workspace's Slack URL. This page may be skipped automatically if you are already signed in.

Riley standing in the center of decorated desks. The Events pane is open and the calendar icon is outlined in red in the toolbar. In the events pane, a past Clients Team Meeting shows, as well as an upcoming All-Hands meeting. The Events pane also shows buttons to Sign in with Google or to create new event.Enter your workspace URL, then click continue. 

The Gather Town App for Slack will request permission to access your Slack workspace. 

Click 'Allow' to install the extension.

Then you can start creating impromptu meetings!

Note: If you do not have access to install Apps in your Slack workspace, check with your Slack workspace administrator.

Using the Gather App for Slack

In any channel or DM, type /gather to launch a meeting.

A small menu appears after typing /gather in Slack, prompting the user to start a meeting. You can start a meeting for as many people are in the channel or DM, or you can select a different number of people. 

The app will compare the number of people you specify to the Private Areas in your Space with a listed maximum occupancy, and automatically select an empty Private Area of the appropriate size to hold your meeting in. 

After you select the number of people, a button appears for everyone in the channel or DM.

Anyone can click this button to open a new tab and teleport automatically to the meeting area in the Gather space.

More information on Private Areas can be found on the Tile Effects page

To learn how to create a link that will send users directly to a specific Spawn Tile in your Space, check out the Spawn Tiles page.

People who click the 'Join meeting' button but are not logged in will still be able to join the meeting, but will be treated like Guests. More information on the experience for external guests is available on our Meetings Extension page.


To learn more about how Gather collects, manages, and stores third-party data, check out the links below:


Note: If there are private areas in your Space that you do not wish other users to book meetings in, leave the maximum occupancy field for them blank in the Mapmaker.

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