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Running late to a meeting? Speed over on a Go Kart! These fun interactive objects let you race around your space. 

Many of our templates include Go Karts by default, but this guide will cover how to add them to your space and how to use them. 

Using Go Karts

To hop on a Go Kart, walk up to it and press 'x'. You can drive by using your normal movement options: the arrow keys, WASD keys, or by double clicking where you want to go. 

To get off, press 'x' again. The Go Kart will remain wherever you leave it in the space. 

If you park your Go Kart by another interactive object (like a door or whiteboard) it can get "stuck" behind the other object. If this happens, we recommend using the Eraser in the Build Tool to remove the stuck go kart. Read this section below to learn how to reset your total number of Go Karts. 

Adding Go Karts

In order to add Go Karts into your space, you need to have access to the Mapmaker. You can review our User Roles and Permissions here. 

1. Enable the Go Kart Extension.

Click the Build Tool from the bottom navigation bar and click Open Mapmaker in the top of the panel. 

In the Mapmaker, select the hamburger menu at the top left and choose Extension Settings

Select the Go Karts Extension, click Activate, then Apply Changes

2. Place the Go Kart Station.

Open the Object Picker and scroll down to the Go Kart Extension category. 

Select the Go Kart Station. In the Object Details, you can set the number of Go Karts you want it to generate. 

The default number of Go Karts is 3. The maximum allowed in a single space is 100. 

Click on the map to place the Go Kart Station. The Go Karts will automatically generate to the right of the Station, so be sure to leave space on the map for the Go Karts to spawn.

You'll also need to place the Station at least one tile away from Impassible Tiles, including walls that use Impassible Tiles. If the top of the Go Kart Station is overlapping an Impassible Tile, the Go Karts may not load. 

Go Kart Station.png

3. Adding more Go Karts or Resetting the Station 

Let's say your team is growing and you need to add more Go Karts into your space, or maybe individual Go Karts got deleted and you want to re-add them. 

At this time, you cannot add individual Go Karts. 

The way to handle this is to Erase all Go Karts and the Go Kart Station in your space and re-add the Station with the correct number of Karts that you need.  

The following video tutorial shows the full process of removing Go Karts that are stuck in a door and re-adding a new Station with the correct number of Go Karts. 

Adding Custom Vehicles

If Go Karts aren't quite your style, you can customize your ride by uploading a custom sprite sheet. You can do this from the Advanced Options for the Go Kart Station in the Object Picker. 

Custom Vehicle Sprite sheet Requirements

  • The sprite sheet needs to be 128x128 pixels
  • It needs to include 16 frames, 32x32 pixels per frame
  • There should be 4 frames per direction, in this order: east, south, west, north. 

You can also upload a normal image (32x32 pixels), which is how your vehicle will be displayed when it is not being ridden.

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