Changing Your Video View

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When talking to others in Gather, there are three video views you can toggle between to optimize your experience: 

  1. Meeting View
  2. Map View
  3. Full Screen View

To enter Full Screen View, simply click a video or screen share box to enlarge it. To enter Meeting View (the grid icon) or Map View (the map icon), you can use the toggle in the upper right corner of the screen. 


If you don't want to see your own video in any view, you can toggle it off by going to Settings > User > Audio / Video and then clicking the toggle for Hide My Self-View. Learn more in User Settings

Map View

A view of five video feeds displays at the top of the screen. Red arrows point to the left and right chevrons that allow you to scroll through the available videos. The expanding arrows icon is outlined in red.

Map View is best for times when you're casually coworking with others. It places small videos at the top of the screen, allowing you to still view the activity happening in your space while you chat with your coworkers. 

The number of videos displayed will depend on the size of your desktop window or browser window. You can use the arrows to the right and left to see everyone on your team. 

Meeting View

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 10.15.37 AM.png

Meeting View is best for focused conversations and meetings. It prioritizes showing the people you're talking to instead of the map. 

This view will display up to 25 videos in the grid format. You can use the arrows on the left and right to toggle through your full team. 

Full Screen View


Full Screen View is best when someone is sharing their screen or you want to focus on a single person's video. 

To enter Full Screen View, click on the video or screen share that you want to enlarge. The rest of the videos will display in a vertical row on the left of the screen.

To Zoom in on a shared screen, you can use the slider in the lower righthand corner. This is helpful for reading text or code when someone is sharing their screen with you. 


Video Prioritization

When someone first joins an ongoing group conversation, they will appear at the end of your video carousel. Whenever they speak, their video will show in the carousel if they aren't already visible on your screen. This helps sort the videos you see so that the most active contributors in a conversation will automatically display in your carousel. When anyone speaks, their video preview will also be outlined in green. 

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