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When there are multiple people in one gathering, a select number of video feeds will show at the top of your screen. The number of video feeds that display depend on the size of your browsing window and resolution of your screen.

Map View

You can scroll between videos manually by clicking the arrows to the left and right of the videos shown. This is called Map View since you are able to see more of the map while in this view.

A view of five video feeds displays at the top of the screen. Red arrows point to the left and right chevrons that allow you to scroll through the available videos. The expanding arrows icon is outlined in red. You can navigate through your video carousel by clicking the arrows on either side of your screen. You can switch to grid view by clicking the expanding arrows icon at the upper right of the grid.

Meeting View

To increase the number of videos visible to you or to enlarge the videos you are currently seeing, you can enter Meeting View by selecting the Meeting View icon. Meeting View displays up to 16 videos / screen shares in a grid format. To exit Meeting View, select the Map View icon at the upper right side of the grid. 

Grid view is on and eleven video feeds display. The collapsing arrows icon is outlined in red.When you are in Meeting View, you can collapse back to the regular Map View by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Video Prioritization

When someone first joins an ongoing group conversation, they will appear at the end of your video carousel. Whenever they speak, their video will show in the carousel if they aren't already visible on your screen. This helps sort the videos you see so that the most active contributors in a conversation will automatically display in your carousel. When anyone speaks, their video preview will also be outlined in green. 

Enlarge a Video

To focus on one person's video (or screen share), click on that person's feed. The rest of the videos will display in a vertical row on the left of the screen. If the Build, Calendar, Chat, or Participants pane is open, collapse it for the largest view.

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