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Never miss important moments in the office while using the Gather Desktop App. Desktop notifications give you real-time updates about chat messages and calendar events so you can easily reply or jump back into your office. 

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The desktop notifications you can receive include:

  • Meeting reminders. If you’ve connected your Google Calendar and have an event starting soon.
  • Chat messages. You can either click the notification to view the Chat message in Gather or reply to the message directly via the notification.
  • Requests to follow, lead, or join. Clicking the notification will open the Gather app so you can walk with your colleague or walk to their conversation.
  • Ring notifications. Never miss the chance to connect when someone is Ringing your avatar.
  • Space capacity notices. Admins will be notified when your Space has reached capacity and if anyone is prevented from joining the Space due to that limit.

In order to receive Desktop Notifications, you need to enable them in your Gather settings and Mac system settings. Windows users should receive notifications automatically after enabling in Gather. 

Enable Desktop Notifications in Gather

  1. While in the Gather Desktop App, go to the Main Menu button and click Settings
  2. Select the Desktop tab at the top. 
  3. In the General settings, you can adjust the toggle for Chat Notifications and Event Notifications

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Enable Desktop Notifications on Mac

  1. Go to System Settings and click Notifications
  2. Scroll through your list of apps and click on Gather
  3. Click the toggle at the top to enable notifications.
  4. Adjust your settings as needed so they display how you want. 

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