Troubleshooting in the Gather Mobile App

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We are constantly improving our mobile app, but we know there are some limitations. In this article, we've highlighted some of those and how to work around them. 


I receive a ‘space not supported’ error when using the app. What can I do to fix it? 

A small percentage of Gather spaces won't be able to use the mobile app depending on their video backend. To check your video backend, enter your space and open the debug overlay with ctrl-shift-d or cmd-shift-d. On the left side of the screen, look for the value of the ‘A/V Backend’ field. If your backend is "Chime", you won't be able to use the app for now. Please check back soon for updates. 


Can I move around in my space in the mobile app? 

Right now, our mobile app is dedicated to meetings. You aren't able to move around in your space. We're hoping to bring this to the app sometime in the future.


Will the mobile app work with the Guest Check-in Feature? 

No, our Guest Check-in feature for remote work offices won't work with the mobile app. To invite guests using this feature, you'll need to use Gather in a browser or desktop app.


Can I join a meeting through a spawn token? 

To join a meeting on the mobile app, you must have a private area selected as the meeting location. Spawn tokens that are direct to a spawn point are not supported right now. 


Can I interact with other members of my space? 

Interaction options like wave, ring, follow, etc. are not available. You can react and engage in a meeting, but not outside of the meeting experience. 


Does Gather Chat work in the mobile app? 

Yes, but only in a meeting. The chat option will disappear after a meeting. 


Is the mobile app offered in other languages? 

At this time, it's only available in English. 



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