Resources for Introducing Gather to Your Team

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Working in a virtual office can help your remote or hybrid team feel closer together and build stronger connections. It’s also a new way to work – which means it comes with a learning curve!

We've put together these resources to help you explain what Gather is, what it can do for your team, and how to use it. 

Need more help onboarding your team? Contact us. We'd love to chat! 

What is Gather? 

Start with the basics. Here are some templates you can copy/paste and resources to pass along when you announce that your team is trying Gather. 

What is Gather? 
Gather brings the best of in-person collaboration to distributed teams. Break down barriers of remote work with a virtual office, where it becomes easy to share ideas and solve problems naturally in the moment. 

Email / Slack Announcement Template
Hi everyone, 

This month, we're testing a new tool, Gather, to bring the best parts of in-person collaboration to our distributed team.

We'll be working in our very own virtual office, which will give us a shared space to hold meetings, pop by each other's desks, and cowork. 

Our goal is that this makes it easier to hold quick conversations, learn from each other, share ideas in the moment, and have some fun along the way!

Check your email for an invite to the new office. Or, you can also click the link here: [link]

Helpful links to share: 

Getting Started Guides

One of the best ways to teach your team how to use Gather is to bring them into the space with you. Give them a tour so they can experience moving around, talking with spatial audio and video, and learning to navigate the office. 

Here's a general overview video that you can share: 

For specific guidance, we recommend passing along these tutorials: 

Brand Assets

Looking for logos, screenshots, videos, or other image assets? Download this ZIP file

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