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You can place messages inside of note objects. This is handy if you are designing a game or encouraging exploration of a Space, or if you want to let a co-worker know you stopped by. 

Add an Interactive Object

To embed a note in an object, open the Object Picker from Mapmaker or from the Build pane in your Space. In the Object Picker, select your desired object. Under Object Interactions, select Note object.

Tip: You can use an actual "note" object or you can add the note interaction to any object from the Object Picker.

The Object Picker is open with a Note object selected. In the right pane under Object Interactions, Note object is outlined in red.From the Object Picker, select an object, and in Object Interactions, select Note object.

Enter your text into the Message field. Set the activation distance (default is 1) and any other advanced options.

The note object is selected in the object picker, and text is visible in the Message field under Object Interactions. The visible text reads Hey Sam! Just missed you.Enter your text in the Message field.

Place the object in your Space and select Save in the Top Nav Menu of the Mapmaker. (No need to save if using the Object Picker in your Space.)

Riley is standing in the middle of decorated desks. Next to him on a small bookcase is a glowing yellow note. An arrow points from the Build pane and the note under recent objects to the glowing note on the desk.Place the object in your Map and select Save (if in the Mapmaker).

Note: To add a line break, use \n or \r. (Example: Hey! \n Just missed you!)

Tip: Add emojis using your machine's native emoji picker! (Windows: Windows key + period; Mac: Ctrl + Cmd + Space) 

Edit Note

If you want to change the message of a note, use the Mapmaker. With Objects active in the Top Nav Menu and the Select tool active in the Left Nav Menu, click the note object you wish to edit. Update the text. Click Save in the Top Nav Menu when you're finished.

Use the Select tool to click on the note object to edit the text.

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