Build Tool Overview

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The Build Tool allows you to quickly add or remove objects in your space, as well as upload custom objects and place simple text labels.

Admins and Mapmakers always have access to the Build Tool. Access for Members and Guests can be configured per space. Learn more about User Roles and Permissions here

To access the Build Tool, click the Customize button (hammer icon) in the bottom navigation bar. At the top of the panel, select Build

Placing Objects

We have a wide variety of objects that you can use to customize your space. Use the search at the top to look for something specific, or explore the categories to discover new items. 

Object categories include: 

  • All Objects
  • Seasonal (updated every few months with relevant holiday objects) 
  • Desk Objects
  • Furniture
  • Nature
  • Games
  • Wayfinding

To place an object, select it. In the Build Tool preview, some objects will give you options to rotate their orientation or change their color. Once you're happy with the object, click on the map to place it. 

Pro-Tip: If you want to snap the object to the grid (handy for chairs and furniture), hold the Ctrl/⌘ key when you place the object. 


Adding Custom Objects

For extra personalization, you can upload custom images as decorative or interactive objects. For example, you might want to add your company logo to the lobby, your mission statement on the wall, or special decor for the All Hands room.

Read the full guide to Custom Objects here

Placing Text

The Build Tool features a lightweight text option that you can use for adding labels in your space. 

Click the Text button and then Create New Text. Enter your text and select a font size. Once it's generated, click on the map to place it. 

Text labels created with the Build Tool cannot be edited after they're placed. For more options, including changing the font, color, and size at any time, we recommend using the Text Tool in the Mapmaker instead. 

Learn about the Preferred Text Tool here

Erasing Objects

If you want to remove an object, select the Erase tool (eraser icon) at the top of the Build Tool.

As you hover over objects in your space, they'll turn red as a way to preview what would be deleted. When you find the object you want to erase, click it to remove it from your space. 


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