Host a Tetris Tournament

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Are you a master of spatial reasoning? Test your prowess against your friends in our Jstris Tournament template! 


  • Setup: You can play tetris any time in your Space by adding it as an object, or you can use our special Tetris Tournament template, shown in this article! The template is available in the Experiences section at, or you can add it as a Room to your Space. The Tetris Tournament is also sometimes available as a social in the Rec Room object in Remote Work Spaces. To invite players, just send them the Space URL!
  • Participation Difficulty: 🟢 (easy)
  • Players: 8-32 (Up to 25 people can be in the Space for free. Spectators can mill around to watch and chat!)
  • Emcee: Optional 
  • Average Time: 15-60 minutes

Tip: Jstris is the Gather-integrated version of the famous Tetris block game. 

Round 1

Divide into groups across battlefields A, B, C, and D. Press "x" to join the game. You are assigned a random name when you join the game. As you play, you can see the screens of those you are battling (who have pressed "x" on the same game you did).

A screenshot of the tetris tournament map. A character named Champion stands next to a tetris block in the far left box. A notification next to the block says "Press x to play Battle Tetris. Next to the red block, labeled A, are yellow, blue, and light green blocks, labeled B, C, and D, respectively. Above these sections are two sections, one in orange labeled E on the left, and one on the right in dark green labeled F. Start your tetris tournament by dividing into groups. Winners head to the top of the map and the championship round! 


The winners of Round 1 proceed up the map. Winners from A and B move up to E, and winners of C and D move up to F.  Spectators can gather 'round to watch!

Tip: To watch instead of play, press "x" to join the game. Then type "/spec" in the command box.

A screenshot of Jstris, the tetris game. The left panel has two labels: "Out of focus" and "Spectator mode". Two panels on the right show two games in action. A red box outlines the Command window, where /spec is typed in white in the command line. Losers of Round 1 can spectate the next round. Just press "x" to join the game, and then type "/spec" into the command window. 


Winners from E and F head face off in the Final Game, battling side by side at the game cabinet. 

Bonus Tips

Pre, during, or post Tetris Tourney, you can include some or all of the following activities, most of which are at your fingertips online:

  • Make a Tetris jams playlist
  • Watch famous Tetris battles (yes, it's a thing!)
  • Watch Tetris-related documentaries 
  • Encourage people to dress up as their favorite Tetris piece. Don't forget to take a screenshot!

Pro Tip:  Click Settings under your game board to personalize your setup, from keyboard shortcuts to cat-face block skins.

A screenshot of Jstris, with the Settings window open and the Skin tab active. Several options for tiles display, and the bottom row of cat faces is selected. A preview of the blocks in the center of the screen show tetris blocks made out of cat faces. To customize the game, click Settings under your board. You can change keyboard shortcuts, game settings, and even the skin of the tetris blocks. 

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