Ambient Noise

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NOTICE: We have removed sound emitters from the Object Picker for the time being until we are able to address ongoing bugs. Sounds emitters already placed in Spaces will not be removed, but may not work until we're able to resolve the open issues with this experience. There is currently no timeline on when we will add these objects back, but we hope to work on it soon. 

Adjust Sound Level

The sound from an emitter grows louder as your character walks closer to the object/emitter and fades as you walk away. If you would like to manually adjust the sound level of the ambient noise, open Settings and select the User tab. In the Audio / Video section, use the volume slider under SFX volume to adjust the noise level of all in-Map sounds. 

A view of the User Settings with Audio & Video active. The volume slider of the SFX volume is all the way up.Open Settings, select the User tab, and in the Audio / Video section, adjust the volume slider for SFX volume.

Note: Adjusting the SFX volume only applies to your experience; this does not change the sound level for other people in the Space.

Remove Sound Emitter

If you want to remove a sound emitter or object with sound, use the Erase tool either by selecting Build in the Left Nav Menu and selecting the Erase tab, or by entering the Mapmaker and selecting the Erase tool while Objects is selected in the Top Nav Menu. Click on the object to remove it. Select Save if you are erasing from the Mapmaker. 

Refresh the Space to apply the change. (Anyone currently in the Space should also refresh to experience the change.)

A view of the rooftop template in Mapmaker. A red outline is drawn around the Erase tool in the Left Nav Menu, and a red arrow points to a sound emitter object with a red outline around it. The sound emitter object looks like a pole with speakers on it.Use the Erase tool and click the sound object to remove it.

Note: Only Admins and Builders can use the Erase tool to remove sound emitters. If you're not sure what sound object you're looking for, search for the speakers on a pole in your Space or use the Sound category in the Object Picker to see which objects have sounds. Refresh the page to apply the change.

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