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  • A Gather Space is designed on a grid made up of 32 x 32 pixel tiles.
  • The max size of a Map is 3200 x 3200 px (100 x 100 tiles). A Space can contain multiple Maps.
  • If you upload a background, the file should be less than 3 MB.
  • Plan for about 20–40 tiles per expected guest (roughly 5 x 5 tiles for a 25-tile-square per person)
    • Example: For a 200 person event, you would want a total area of 4000 to 8000 tiles (200 people with 20 to 40 tiles per person). This would require multiple Maps. 
  • Estimate how many people you might expect to enter the Space at the same time. Provide enough room at your default spawn location to make sure people don't spawn next to or on top of each other. 
    • Don't place Spawn tiles directly next to each other. See our article on Spawn tiles.
  • Gather characters are 30-36 px tall and overlap with the tile above them.

Note: We sometimes refer to Maps as "Rooms." A Room is an individual Map within a Space. Each Room/Map belongs to a Space, though some Spaces have only have one Room. Some Spaces are designed as an individual Map with multiple "rooms" as indicated by walls and doors. When we refer to a Room, we are referring to a separate Map that has been connected to a Space.

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