Taking Sides

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"I don't know" and "I don't care" are phrases that won't fly in this game! The emcee lists two options in this game of choosing between extremes, and everyone in the Space takes a side. (Okay, you indecisive ones can stand in the middle...)


  • Setup: The Taking Sides template is available in the Experiences section at https://app.gather.town/create, or you can add it as a Room to your Space. To invite players, just send them the Space URL!
  • Participation Difficulty: 🟢 🟢 (super easy)
  • Players: 2-25
  • Emcee: Necessary 
  • Average Time: 15-60 minutes
  • Media: (Optional) Google Slides

Pick a Side

This activity is straightforward. The emcee steps onto the Spotlight tile to announce two options or a statement that you can answer with yes or no. Everyone in the Space moves to the side that represents their choice. 

For example, if the emcee says Chocolate or Vanilla, those who prefer chocolate would move to the left side of the map, and those who prefer vanilla would move to the right side. Similarly, with a yes/no question, participants would move to the left if their answer is yes, or the right side if their answer is no. 

For each option or statement, allow a few minutes for the participants to move back or forth, and for people talk to others who share their opinion. (Clearly chocolate is the correct answer, and all the folks on the right side can talk about how great chocolate is or how terrible vanilla is.)

The Taking Sides template, which is an outdoor space split into two halves. The left half has light grey tiles and dark benches and chairs, and the right side has dark grey tiles and white benches and chairs. The Riley avatar is standing on the Spotlight tile in the top left of the room, and a preview of Riley's screenshare displays at the top of the screen, reading Chocolate and Vanilla.  An emcee presents two options or asks a yes/no question, and everyone picks the side that represents their answer!

Tip: The Taking Sides template includes a set of questions in Google Slides. Use as is, or make a copy to make it your own!

Bonus Tips

  • Search online for "icebreaker questions," "stand up, sit down," or "would you rather" to find other pairs or yes/no questions.
  • Open the pre-built slides (or your own slides) in a separate browser window. Then, you can screen share that browser window so that you as the emcee can see the room while the room sees the slides.
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