What is the difference between space and personal calendars?

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In the Calendar Integration article, we cover how to add a calendar to your space that displays for all participants. For remote work spaces you can instead sync your personal calendar through Google or Outlook. 

Personal Calendar

Currently, you are only able to add a personal calendar in remote work spaces. You can through Google OAuth or Outlook integration. To set this up, in the toolbar, select Calendar. You'll see the option to either sync your Google or Outlook accounts.  

Note: You do not need to change your Google calendar settings to "public" to add to your Space.

The Fancy Office template with the Calendar panel open. The Calendar panel shows an avatar with a question mark above her head and the text "No calendar connected" with the description "Link your Google Calendar to view your upcoming events." There is a Sign in with Google button outlined in a red rectangle. The button beneath it says Create new event.In a remote work space, you can add your personal calendar using Google OAuth integration. 

Personal Events

Events from your personal calendar are only visible to you.

You can create an event for your personal calendar if you are a Member of the space and have your personal calendar synced. When you create a new calendar event, you will be taken to Google to complete the calendar event creation process.

Note: From Google, make sure you select the correct calendar to add your new calendar event to (personal v. public).

Select Settings (cog icon) in the Events pane, then select the Manage calendar tab, and select Disconnect your account

The Calendar settings modal open to the manage calendar tab. A red arrow points from the settings icon to the disconnect your account button in the modal.Select the Settings icon in the Events pane to disconnect your personal calendar.

Space Calendar

The Space Calendar is not available in remote work spaces. You can add a space-wide calendar to your event spaces if you have the Admin or Mod user role. The space calendar is integrated though an iCal link. For complete details on adding a space calendar, please read the Calendar Integration article. You can add new calendar events with Custom Spawn Tile location links if you (a) have the Admin, Mod, Builder, or Member user role, and (b) have permission in the calendar application you are using  to add events. 

Note: Your Space calendar must be set as "public" to be added to your Space.

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