Remote Office Week 1 Onboarding Checklist

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The best way to get everyone excited about your virtual office is to experience it together. Here’s our best advice for structuring a great first week in Gather! 

1. Have the team commit to trying Gather for 1 week

When your whole team is in the virtual office, you’ll be able to feel that sense of collective presence and experience in-the-moment conversations. 

  • Pick the week you’ll pilot Gather. During this week, set specific times you’ll be in the office together. (Like mornings or all day Friday.) 

  • Invite the team. (You can invite up to 50 people during your Remote Office Free Trial!) 

  • Assign each person their own desk. This gives them a place to sit when not in meetings, so you know who's busy or free to chat.

2. Have everyone move meetings to Gather

Holding meetings in Gather brings everyone back into the office so you can easily talk to people before and after.

  • Connect your Google or Outlook Calendar. This makes it easy to schedule new meetings in Gather and will display your upcoming events in the app.

  • Move previously scheduled meetings into Gather. Switch existing meeting links to Gather to reduce confusion of how your team should join calls this week. 

  • When a meeting ends, stick around in the office. Encourage the team to address follow-up questions right away or go stop by someone’s desk to say hi. This is where the magic starts to happen!

Learn more about our best practices for meetings in Gather

3. Initiate spontaneous conversations throughout the week

Interact outside of scheduled meetings to show the value of sharing a virtual space together, and how Gather is different from other video tools. 

  • Send a wave. This is a great way to say good morning or to start an impromptu conversation. 

  • Chat with someone in the hallway. As you move throughout the office to and from meetings, you’ll find opportunities to naturally talk to people on your team. 

  • Stop by someone’s desk. Instead of scheduling a meeting for a quick conversation, just walk over to them to ask a question or brainstorm an idea. 

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