Set Your Status: Available, Busy, and Do Not Disturb

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Your Status in Gather helps your coworkers know if you're free to chat, and also controls the spatial audio and video you'll hear from the office. 


There are three Status modes you can enter: 

  • 🟢 Available: This means you're free to talk and can hear/see people around you. 
  • 🟡 Busy: This tells others that you're working on something, but can be available to talk if needed. You can set yourself as "Busy" for a set amount of time. 
  • 🔴 Do Not Disturb: This means you're unavailable for conversations in Gather, and you will not hear/see people around you. 

An icon representing your Status can be seen above your avatar's head, when someone hovers over your desk, and from the Participants Panel

Availability Status.png

In the Participants Panel, you may also see a number with someone's green available status. This is their Idle Time, or the amount of time they have been Available but inactive in the Gather window.

Idle Time can be caused by: 

  • Using the Desktop App Mini Mode (since you don't have the full Gather App open) 
  • Working in a different app or window (since Gather isn't in focus on your machine) 
  • Stepping away from your desk

Set Your Status

To set yourself as Available, Busy, or on Do Not Disturb mode, click the Personal Menu from the bottom navigation. 

Under your name, click your status and then choose the mode you want to be on. You can change this at any time. 

Set Your Status.png

Add a Custom Status

From the Personal Menu, you can also add a custom status to provide more details about your state of work. 

Set Your Custom Status.png

Enter a text message and choose an emoji. This custom status will then appear with your name in the Participants Panel and when someone hovers over your desk. 

Custom Status.png

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