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You can easily respond to the current situation and let others know how you are feeling by using emotes (aka emojis, emoticons, etc.). Just select Emotes (smiley face icon) in the Navigation Bar. A bar with 6 emojis displays, with a Clear and Edit button. You can select the emote you wish to send, or use the 1-6 keys to quickly send an emote at any time. 

Riley is facing Baba O, and a waving hand displays above Riley's head. The Bottom Bar shows the Emotes, and 1, the waving hand, is selected.In the Navigation Bar, select Emotes (smiley face icon) to view available emojis and their shortcut keys.

Note: Emotes show above your head and in your video preview for 3 seconds, except for the raised hand, which stays raised until your press 6 or Clear.

All emotes will show above your avatar for 3 seconds before fading, except for 6 (raised hand), which will stay raised until you press 6 again or select Clear in the Emote bar. While your hand is raised, your name will move up to the top of the Participants list.

Edit Default Emotes

By default, use the 1-6 keys for the following emotes:

  • (1) - Wave
  • (2) - Heart
  • (3) - Party popper
  • (4) - Thumbs up
  • (5) - Question mark
  • (6) - Raised hand

However, you can customize your emojis for keys 1-5! Select Emotes (smiley face icon) in the Bottom Bar, then select Edit. The Customize emotes window opens. Select the number you wish to edit, then choose your desired emoji.

Note: You can only change 1-5; 6 will always be a raised hand.

The Customize emotes window in Windows. 1-5 currently show the default emotes, and available Smileys & People from Windows display for selection.To customize your Emotes, select Edit from the Emotes bar, then choose your new Emotes! You can change shortcuts for 1-5. 

Note: The graphics for the Emotes will vary depending on your operating system. 

The Customize emotes window with custom emojis from the Mac emoji options.You can pick any emoji from your operating system's emoji browser. At this time, you cannot upload your own custom emojis.

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