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Need to get a word in, but don't want to disturb the flow or the larger meeting going on? Break out into a bubble! 

Bubbles are great for a speedy whisper with your neighbor without talking over the current group conversation. People outside your bubble will still be able to hear you, but very softly (and with transparent video). People can join and leave bubbles freely, even across private areas.

Start a Bubble

Right click or double click on another character to open the context menu. 

The context menu displays next to Joy, with options to Start bubble, Follow, Send chat, and Move here. Right click or double click on a character to open the context menu.

Select Start Bubble. A semi-transparent bubble shape will appear around the people in the bubble. 

Joy and Riley have a semi-transparent green oval under them. Above the Bottom Bar, a message reads "Talking with Joy" with a "Leave Bubble" button.A bubble is indicated by a semi-transparent blob around the people in the bubble. 

You can join a bubble by right clicking on any person in the bubble, then selecting Start Bubble. You'll join their conversation.

Frank, Sam, and Riley are in a bubble together, as indicated by a semi-transparent pink blob.You can join an existing bubble by right clicking on anyone in the bubble. 

To leave a bubble, select Leave Bubble above the Bottom Bar, or just walk away.

Warning: Screen sharing in a bubble will broadcast your screen to everyone who could see you in a normal conversation. 

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