How do I embed a Miro Board?

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To embed a Miro board into Gather, you need the embeddable link for the board (which is different than the board's regular shareable link). In Miro, select Export, then select Embed

A Miro board of a grid of colorful post-it notes. The export menu is open and Embed is outlined in red in the menu.In Miro, select Export, then select Embed

Copy the URL from the embed code between the quotation marks after src=. 

The Embed board window, with the embed code outlined in red and the source URL highlighted in yellow.In the embed code, copy the URL that displays within quotation marks after src=

Once you have the link, paste it into the Website field of an embedded website object!

Note: For more detailed instructions on how to obtain your embeddable link, please visit Miro's article on Embedding Editable Boards into Websites

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