Blank white screen (When pressing X to interact)


Seeing a white screen after pressing x to interact with an interactive object may be the result of your web browser not caching the embedded content. This can happen if your browser's security settings are set to block third-party cookies and site data.

Many users may choose to block third-party cookies and site data for privacy reasons; the easiest way to use Gather if you wish for these features to remain blocked during 'normal' browsing is to open the Gather space in a private / incognito window, and use that window for your entire session. (Note: In a private or incognito window, Gather may ask you for permissions or prompt you for tutorials you have already completed; these preferences are stored in the browser's cache, and are cleared and reset when a private or incognito window is closed.)

Screen sharing issues?

Are you getting a white screen when you try to interact with an object and someone is screen sharing with you? These interactions currently override each other, so you can not currently do both at the same time. If you see a white screen we would recommend checking to see if someone is currently trying to screen share with you at the same time. If so, I would ask that person to stop screen sharing, or wait until they are finished so you can interact with that object properly. 

We are aware this is something that a lot of our participants would like to do, so we are in the process of reworking the way our screen sharing works so these two tools can be run simultaneously. We do not currently have an estimate release date for this feature, but when it is release you will see it in an update on our Changelog.

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