Welcome Guests in Your Gather Office

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Check out the Use Case: Remote Work articles for all the ins and outs of how Gather works for business and how to set up and manage your virtual office. We've put together the following articles that should help you and your team thrive in Gather:

  1. Getting Started with Gather for Remote Work: Review high-level reasons for using Gather for your team!
  2. Planning for Success: Run through a list of recommendations for creating and maintaining a successful virtual office.
  3. Building Your Office: Learn more about tips, tricks, and best practices for designing your office! 
  4. Onboarding Your Staff: Prepare your employees for the new experience. Help them decorate their desk and interact with objects and coworkers. Show them around the space and schedule your first meetings.
  5. Maintaining MomentumPick up some best practices for building and maintaining your company culture within your virtual office. 
  6. Welcoming ClientsSend out invites, set up virtual office hours, and create password-protect spaces as necessary.