Gather has a collection of pre-generated instructional text objects you can use in your space to teach your users how to use Gather.

Using these objects can help your events run more smoothly, and they are formatted and designed to 'fit' Gather's aesthetic. 

Screencap of a user in a Gather space, standing next to four lines of instructional text. The user's name is 'FONT IS AMATIC SC'. The text says, in order: "Use arrow keys to move" "These are private spaces" "Press X to interact with Objects" "Walk up to someone to share video"

How to Use Wayfinding Objects

You can use wayfinding objects to point your guests to a specific space or area, to teach them to use Gather, and more! 

We would recommend putting these objects near your spawn areas, and making a big enough floor space that users can spawn in, read the text, and walk past it without blocking other users. Here are a few images from our demo conference space:

A screencap of the demo conference, showing the wayfinding objects placed on the floor to direct users.

Wayfinding Objects In the Object Picker

A gif showing the object selection process - you can find instructional text by searching or by using the "wayfinding" category.

To change which text you're putting down on the floor, use the rotate errors to switch between different messages. In order, these messages are:

  1. Use arrow keys to move
  2.  These are private spaces
  3. Press X to interact with Objects
  4.  Walk up to someone to share Video

Unfortunately, all of these messages are pre-generated and cannot be changed. To insert your own text, you can either use the "insert text" feature which will insert black text with a transparent background, or you can create your own text in a image editing program and upload it as an image. The font we use is Amatic SC.