VPN & Firewall Access

Because of the nature of the server infrastructure of virtual private network (VPN), Gather is unable to properly function on some kinds of VPNs, campus networks, or corporate networks. If you're in such a situation, you can try:

  • disabling your VPN
  • visiting your VPN provider's support website and trying different connection options
  • changing your connection to a different server or network if your VPN will allow you to do so
  • asking your network administrator to unblock Gather

If you are a in a position to unblock Gather from your network, there are also other options.

We use Twilio to accommodate firewalls and restrictive networks. Instructions for unblocking their ip addresses in your region are available on Twilio's Knowledgebase. 

There's one notable exception: Twilio recommends unblocking ports 10000-60000 UDP, which is no longer required to use Gather.