Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Can't get together in person to carve pumpkins? Or maybe you don't have a physical office you can decorate with freshly carved pumpkins. Either way, we have a solution! Virtual pumpkin carving! Create pumpkins with your friends or co-workers and use them to decorate your Gather Space!

A collaborative table from Gather's own office with an inset koi pond surrounded by several couches. Elaborately carved pumpkins are scattered all over - on the table, in the water, on the couches, on the floor. You, too, can turn any Space into a veritable pumpkin patch!


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ (3 out of 5)
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐☆☆ (3 out of 5)
  • Participants: As many as you'd like!
  • Emcee: Optional 
  • Average Time: 15-60 minutes

Host Setup

1. Decide which pixel art editing tool you will use.

This may seem scary, but rest assured, there are several simple editing tools you can use. We recommend Lospec's pixel-editor for its simplicity and will be using it throughout this guide. Any photo editing software will work as long as it can create and save transparent backgrounds (including the default Paint 3D program that is stock standard with all Windows operating machines). 

2. Set up your Space by embedding your pixel editing program!

Making a Space and embedding an online pixel editing tool is the simplest way to get everyone started. For this guide, we used a pumpkin object and embedded the website inside of the pumpkin. You don't need a different embedded object for each person because all of the information for their own pumpkin will be saved locally on their computers.  

A view of two avatars sitting in green chairs on a green carpet. Four pumpkins sit on a round table in the center of the chairs. One pumpkin is carved and is glowing yellow. Next to the pumpkin, a message reads Use an interactive object to embed the image editor in your Gather Space. Participants can open the editor by pressing "x."

To embed the image editor, select Build in the Left Nav Menu. Use the Search field to find a pumpkin in the Object Picker (or any object you want to use to embed the editor). In the right panel of the Object Picker under Object Interactions, select Embedded website. Paste the URL of the editor into the Website field (e.g., 

A view of the Object Picker with the Halloween category active. The pumpkin (Medium) is selected. In the right panel of the Object Picker, under Object Interactions, the website field is outline in red. The image editor URL displays in the text field.From the Object Picker, find an object you want to embed the image editor in. Under Object Interactions, paste the URL of the image editor into the Website field.

3. Give people pumpkins!

You can use your own pumpkin image for carving, or you can use ours! The pumpkin we provide fits within a 32x32 pixel square. This makes sure that your pumpkin will fit within the tile grid in Gather. You can right click and select Save image as on the pumpkin image below or you can directly view and download a copy from our database.

You can either send your guests the image ahead of time or you can embed it in the Space. To embed the image, open the Object Picker and select the object you want to embed the image in. In the right panel of the Object Picker under Object Interactions, select Embedded image. Upload the image of the pumpkin. Your guests can then right click on object and save the image as seen in the gif below.

A gif of an avatar standing in front of a pile of pumpkins. One pumpkin is glowing yellow. A window previewing the embedded image displays about the Bottom Bar. The mouse right clicks on the image file and selects Save image as. You can embed the pumpkin image file in an object. Guests can then right click and save the image when they interact with the object. 

Before you invite everyone in, make sure that:

✅ You've embedded the pixel editing website in your Space.
✅ Guests have a way to download the Gather Pumpkin image.
Global build is turned on if you'd like your guests to show off their pumpkins.
✅ You've sent out the invite link.

Carve your pumpkins!

1. Open the image editor and upload your pumpkins.

Open the image editor from the interactive object. The pixel editor will open in Gather. For Lospec, upload the pumpkin image file for carving. Just select Load and browse to your saved copy of the pumpkin image.

A view of Lospec image editor as an embedded website in Gather. In the center of the Lospec editor, the Load option is outlined in red.Open the image editor from the interactive object and select Load to choose the pumpkin file.

2. Carve your pumpkin!

We have designed the pumpkin image provided above to automatically load all of the colors you will need to carve your pumpkin! You can always add more and get as creative as you'd like. The most important colors to get started are:

  • Base Carving Color (#fbf236 or any light yellow) - This will be the color you use for your basic shapes and design.
  • Bottom Highlight (#f0b829 or a brownish yellow) - This will give the illusion of looking down at your pumpkin and seeing the bottom lip of your carved design lit by the candle inside.
  • Top Highlight (#a84b2c or a brownish orange) - This will give the illusion of shadow since the light from your jack-o-lantern is coming from inside of your pumpkin.

A view of a pumpkin pixel image in the Lopsec image editor. On the right of the embedded website, a color palette displays of all the colors included in the pumpkin. The top three colors are labeled as Use Lopsec to "carve" your pumpkin with the color palette provided. 

 If you want to get fancy, you can check out this lovely info graphic created by one of our very own pixel artists!

3. Export your pumpkin

Export your newly completed image as a png file to preserve the background transparency. When you're done editing your pumpkin, in Lopsec, select File and then Export. Lopsec saves the file as a .png by default.

A view of a carved pixel pumpkin the Lopsec image editor. In Lopsec, the File menu is selected, and Export is selected in the drop-down menu. When you're done carving your pumpkin, export it as a png file.

4. Show off your pumpkin

Now that you've made your first pumpkin, don't forget to show it off! Select Build in the Left Nav Menu, then select Open object picker. From the Object Picker Left Nav, select Upload New. Click to browse for your pumpkin file or drag the file to the center of the Object Picker. In the Object Details section of the right panel, enter a name for your object, then click Create and select.

A gif of the object picker. The mouse clicks Upload New in the left menu of the picker, and a png file is dragged into the Object Picker. Open the Object Picker and select Upload New. Select your pumpkin file, give it a name, and click Create and select. Then place the carved pumpkin in the Space! 

Place your carved pumpkin in your Space!

A view of five avatars sitting in green chairs. On a round table in the center of the chairs, four pumpkins display, with one glowing yellow. A pile of carved pumpkins displays on the floor.Place your carved pumpkin in your Space!


My image won't export 
Your browser may be blocking the pop-up that allows the program to download your image as a png. Please check your blocked pop-ups!

The pixel editing tool won't load!
Double check the URL. There is also the possibility that a browser extension is blocking the application from opening. Encourage those who are encounter issues to use a separate window to open the image editor website ( in a different window.