Virtual Office Quick Start Checklist

Welcome to your virtual office on Gather! This is a place where your remote team can naturally come together to connect with each other, collaborate on work, and build a team culture that you love – no matter where you’re physically located. 

This checklist will cover the basics to help you get started. For more, read the full guide

1. Joining your team

  • Accept the invite to join your Gather office.
    This will either be an email in your inbox or a link shared from a member of your team. 

  • Download the Gather Desktop App.
    This is the best way to use Gather so you can easily view/access your office while also focusing on your work. 

  • Prefer the browser? Bookmark your office URL.
    Or keep Gather open in a separate window so it’s easy to get back to without searching all your tabs. 

 2. Moving & interacting in the space

  • Double click where you want your character to move.
    You can also use the arrow keys or WASD. 

  • Press ‘x’ to interact with objects in the office. 
    When an object can be interacted with (like a whiteboard) you’ll see a yellow outline around it along with an on-screen prompt.

  • Express yourself with emotes & actions. 
    Press ‘z’ to dance, ‘f’ to throw confetti, or use the bottom navigation bar to react with emojis to show others how you’re feeling (even when your mic & camera are off).

3. Customizing your workspace

  • Edit your character. 
    This is the digital representation of yourself that will move around the office and interact with others. 

  • Decorate your desk. 
    Just like in a physical office, your desk is your home base. Coworkers will look there when they want to see if you’re free, and it’s a place to show off your personality. 

  • Fill out your profile.
    Help others learn more about you and the work you do. This will strengthen those remote relationships. 

  • Customize your desk pod. 
    Add a whiteboard for brainstorming or couches for open team coworking. Make your team’s desk pod your own so you can all do your best work together. 

4. Starting conversations

  • Walk up to people – it’s that easy! 
    This is the magic of spatial audio and video. Walk up to someone to connect your mic and camera, and walk away to disconnect. It’s much more fluid and natural than scheduling meetings all the time! 

  • Wave to say hello.
    This is a nice lightweight interaction to get someone’s attention. When you wave, they’ll receive a notification and can choose to wave back or walk over to you. 

  • Ring to get someone’s attention. 
    Think of this like calling someone. It plays a sound on their device so they know someone wants to talk to them in Gather. 

5. Scheduling meetings

  • Connect your Google or Outlook Calendar. 
    This makes it easy to schedule new meetings in your virtual office and will display upcoming events in Gather.

  • For Google Chrome users, add the Gather Meetings Extension
    This allows you to schedule meetings in Gather directly from your Google Calendar. 

  • Move previously scheduled meetings into Gather. 
    Have a lot of recurring meetings? Gather can detect these for you and automatically add a Gather meeting link. Go to your calendar settings for this. 

We hope you enjoy working with your teammates in Gather! For more tips on getting started, read our full guide