Videos & Livestreams

If you'd like to show showcase a video or set up a livestream, you can embed video into an interactive object. The following platforms are great options for sharing video:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube live (livestreaming)
  • Twitch (livestreaming)
  • Or really anywhere with HTTPS and a video embed link.

You can manage interactive objects through the Build tool while you're in your Space, or you can manage your objects while in Mapmaker mode. Either way, you will need the URL of the video you wish to embed.

Note: Inserting the interactive object using the Build tool in your Space makes it easy to test your video, while using Mapmaker mode allows you to see the specific tile onto which you're placing the object.

Embedded Video Options

Using the Build tool in your Space, or the Object picker in the Mapmaker, select a tv or other object to interactively show your video. In the Object picker, in the Object interactions section of the right-hand panel, click Embedded video

A view of the object picker in Build mode, with TV on a stand selected, and the Embedded video button in the Object Details menu highlighted by a red box.In the Object picker, in the Object interactions section, click Embedded video.
(View from the Build tool)

Copy the URL into the Video field. In Activation distance, enter the distance (in tiles) at which the user can interact with the object.

A view of the object picker in Mapmaker mode, with TV on a stand selected. Red boxes are around the Video and Activation distance fields.After clicking on Embedded video, enter or paste the URL into the Video field. Enter the distance (in tiles) in which you can interact with video in Activation distance.
(View from Mapmaker mode)

Return to your Space and test interacting with the tv. The object should be highlighted in yellow when you are within activation distance. Press "x" on your keyboard to play the video on fullscreen within your Space. 

Note: A preview of the video shows in the left of the map when you are within activation distance. You can click the Play button in the preview to play the video outside of fullscreen mode.

View of a Space with a character named Lola standing next to a tv on stand, which is outlined in yellow to indicate it is within activation distance. The words When interacting with an embedded video object, a preview displays in the left corner of your window. Any Prompt message you add displays above your center menu. Press "x" to open the video fullscreen.

Note: For more troubleshooting and advanced settings for YouTube videos, read their documentation

Advanced Video Settings in Gather

You can fine tune settings for the embedded video from the Object picker by clicking Advanced options.

Select Advanced options in the Object details menu to view additional settings you can modify for your videos.

Prompt message - Enter text that displays at the bottom center of the page when walking within activation distance of an object.

Object image - Select a custom image that appears on the map when the object is not within activation range. 

Active image - Changes the image that appears when the object is within activation range. By default, this is a yellow highlight around the object. 

Synchronized start time - Select a time and date for the video to play to everyone within activation distance. 

Warning: If you are using a livestream link,  do not set up a start/sync time. This will prevent the livestream from playing.

Object active start time - Select the date and time when the object should appear on the map.

Object active end time - Select the date and time when the object should disappear from the map.