Video and Audio Settings Introduction

Gather Settings

Every time you enter a Gather space, you will be asked to select your input devices (microphone and camera). There is a microphone pick up volume indicator, so users can test the sensitivity of their mic before entering the Gather space.

A screenshot of the input selection window that appears when you enter a gather space. The camera is set to 'HD Web Camera' in the example, and the microphone is set to (Krisp Microphone). Your hardware settings will be different. There is a 'Join the Gathering!' button at the bottom of the window.

To change settings inside Gather, click on the cog on the left side bar to open your Space settings. In the upper left corner of that window, click 'User' to see user settings.

A screenshot of the options window, which you can open by clicking the gear icon, which is the first / top most option in the left side menu bar. In the window, there are two tabs for User and Space. User is selected, and the information below relates to the what is in the User options.

You can now test your microphone Audio Level and play it back to yourself in the user settings.

Several fields are relevant here:

Switch Inputs

This allows you to select which webcam and microphone to use for audio and video. 

If you do not see your camera and microphone in the drop down menu, you may need to change your browser settings and permissions.

Smooth Movement

This is a feature that allows your avatar (and background) to transition smoothly from tile to tile as you move through your Spaces. With this turned off, your character and map will jump from tile to tile as you move through space. 

As smooth movement may put additional strain on your machine and impact performance, we have offered the option to turn this off.

Auto Idle Muting

Auto idle muting will trigger whenever you are tabbed away and not connected to others. This means that in an office environment, if you're sitting in a desk next to your auto-muted coworker, tabbing away will also turn off your camera to maximize your privacy. When you return to your Gather browser tab, you will automatically be unmuted and your camera will turn back on.

 The first time you tab away from your Gather tab, you will see this message when you return:

A screenshot of the Gather auto muting alert window

If you disable this in your user settings, you will always have your camera and microphone on, even when you are tabbed away from Gather.

When you are inside of an iframe and not connected to others, you may also experience being automatically muted. This is due to the iframe being in "focus" as opposed to the Gather Application itself which has a similar effect to being tabbed away. When you close the embedded object or click on the sidebar to put gather back into focus, Gather should automatically unmute you.

Use HD Video Quality

By default, you will always see an HD Quality video if you are connected to only one person (if they are transmitting an HD video stream). When others join your conversation, your video quality will automatically switch to standard quality to help with general performance. You can instead change your settings to always make all videos HD whenever possible in your user settings.

This will make your computer work harder to show videos, and take up more of your network, but the video quality will improve significantly! 

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