Types of User Roles

There are 4 user roles for Space management: Admins, Moderators (Mods), Builders, and Members. (A person can also be a Guest, but that is not an assigned user role.) By default, when you create a space, you are an Admin and you automatically are also assigned all available privileges and roles. You can manage user roles for participants in your Space from the Settings in your Space, or from your Space dashboard

Tip: For a table comparing the features available to each user role, see the User Role Privileges article. 


Admins have full control of the Space (meaning they can access all of the Space Settings and the Mapmaker). They can assign any user role. 

Note: When assigning users as Admins, keep in mind that this role can add or delete other Admins—so assign this role with caution. Also note that you need to grant that user the Builder role if you want them to be able to copy any Rooms or the Space itself.

A view of the Space Settings modal as the Admin sees it. All sections in the Space tab display: Space Preferences, Space Customization, Space Access, User Roles, and AdvancedThe Admin's view of Space Settings.


Moderators (Mods) have all controls in the Space Preferences and Space Access tab of Space Settings, and can also add or remove other Moderators, Builders, and Members. 

Warning: The Moderator role is being deprecated from remote work Spaces. This means you can no longer grant anyone the role of Mod in a remote work Space. 

A view of the Space Settings modal as the Moderator sees it. In the Space tab, only Space Preferences, Space Access, and User Roles display.The Moderator's view of Space Settings.


Builders can modify the Maps of the Space through the in-Space Build tool and the Mapmaker. (Note that multiple Builders should not work on the same map at the same time. If multiple Builders are editing a Space, if one clicks Save, any unsaved edits by other Builders will be lost.)

Note: If Global Build is on, any participant, even Guests, can build in the Space.

A view of the Space Settings modal as the Builder sees it. In the Space tab, only Space Customization and User Roles display.The Builder's view of Space Settings.


The Member role is only available in remote work Spaces. Members cannot access any of the Space Settings, with the exception of the User Roles section, where they can add other users as Members. All Members can use the in-Space Build tool from the Left Nav Menu to add objects to the Space. Members can only delete objects that they have placed. They cannot access the Mapmaker. 

Note: Only remote work Spaces have Members and Guests.

A view of the Space Settings modal as a Member sees it. In the Space tab, only User Roles displays.A Member's view of Space Settings. (They can add people but cannot assign roles.)


By default, anyone who enters your Space is a Guest until you invite them from Space Settings and/or assign them other User Roles. Guests have no special permissions and cannot access the Space tab in Settings. You do not need to manually add emails for Guests under User Roles. 

Note: You invite people to your Space by selecting the Home icon and then Invite people.

A view of the Settings modal as a Visitor sees it. The Space tab does not display at all; only the User tab.A Guest's view of Settings (only the User tab is available).

Participants List

In remote work Spaces, the Participants list is divided into Members, Guests, and Offline Members. You can also see if people are in specific areas in the office. (Currently the names of the areas in the office are hard coded; you cannot edit them.)

A view of the Participants list in a remote work Space. Nearby lists the active user (Riley). Under Members, Bobbi the Builder displays. There are currently 0 guests and 3 offline members, whose names display in grey test beneath the offline members section.A view of the Participants list in a remote work Space, which is broken into Members, Guests, and Offline Members.

In any other Gather Space, the Participants list just displays a list of people currently in the Space.

A view of the game room template with the Participants list expanded. Riley and Barnaby display in the list, as well as an Invite button at the bottom of the Participants panel.A view of the Participants list in a non-remote work Gather Space.