User Role Privileges

The following table is a comparison of all available user roles in Gather. Essentially, this is a visual of the available Space Settings. A checkmark () indicates the user role can manage the feature. In most cases, the ability to "manage" a feature means being able to turn it on or off. 

A few important details:

  • We are transitioning from the term Owner to Admin. 
  • Moderators (Mods) are being deprecated from remote work Spaces.
  • Member is a role unique to remote work Spaces.
  • Some features are only available on Premium Spaces with an upcoming or active reservation. 
  • Some  features are also only available in remote work Spaces or only in events/other Spaces.
Feature Management Available to Each User Role
Space Preferences

Space-wide calendar

Pin a moderator message

Preserve chat history

Beta features

Hide tutorial in Space

Disable Invite button

Disable push notifications (remote work)

Disable chat (Premium)

Disable screen share (Premium)

Space Customization

Global Build

Open Mapmaker

Space Access

Space password

Allow staff access

Shut down Space

Email domain access

User Roles

Add Members (remote work)
Assign roles

Advanced (Space Dashboard)


Capacity Limit: Customize Warning Text 

Guest list: Upload, Add, Contact, Download, Remove

Banned Users 

Delete Space

*Moderators and Admins/Owners can ban; only Admins/Owners can unban.