Can I upgrade my Space while my event is happening?

You can increase your capacity during an event with a non-subscription reservation, but note that it will take roughly 15 minutes for the update to work its way through our system and for resources to be reallocated. You can also switch from a Free Space to a Premium Space in the middle of an event without disruptions to your event, but it will take roughly 15 minutes before you are able to see the capacity limit increase. 

Note: Check out Edit or Cancel My Reservation for full details on making changes to your reservation.

Warning: At this time, subscriptions can not be edited. To increase or decrease the capacity for a subscription, you will need to make a new reservation with the updated capacity you want and then cancel your old subscription. Once you've done this, you can email to be prorated for the remaining amount that was not used. Please include both receipt numbers and your Space's URL!