Updated Articles

  1. Gather Experiences

    Ideas and guides for hosting socials and game nights in Gather
  2. Feature Requests

    How to view and submit feature requests, as well as commonly requested features that are not yet developed.
  3. Embed Gather

    Unfortunately, embedding Gather within another website is not allowed at this time. You can upvote this request or add a comment with details about what you’re looking for on the Embed Gather into webpage thread at https://feedback.gather....
  4. Invite

    How to invite someone to your Space
  5. 4 Steps to Host Your First Gather Event!

    Ready to get started with your Gather event? Sign in, create a Space, make a reservation, and party!
  6. Talent Show

    How to run a talent show in Gather
  7. Hip to be Square

    How to play the Hip to be Square game
  8. Islands Scavenger Hunt

    Run a scavenger hunt in our Deserted Island template!
  9. Poker

    Are you an expert at knowing when Frank from IT is lying to you? Can you fool Sam from HR into believing you have a pet turtle named Gonzo? Well then, poker night just might be the Gather experience for you!  Note: You may be in a Gather Sp...
  10. Taking Sides

    Use our Taking Sides template to quickly throw together a social where you learn all about everyone's opinion on cholate and vanilla.