Updated Articles

  1. Network & Firewall

    Everything you need to know about accessing Gather.
  2. VPN & Firewall Access

    How to allow Gather on your VPN or firewall
  3. Managing Roles: Remote Work

    How to add a Member and assign them user roles in your remote work Space in Gather.
  4. User Roles

    Everything you need to know about user roles
  5. Edit or Cancel a Monthly Subscription

    How to edit or cancel your Monthly subscription.
  6. Security & Privacy FAQs

  7. Are you GDPR compliant?

    We can't save data in the EU or Germany at the current time. However, we make every effort to comply with GDPR and we have a Data Processing Agreement that we are willing to sign, which includes the Standard Contractual Clauses, pursuant to Regu...
  8. Gather Lost Connection

    If you see a "Gather lost connection" error message, it's possible you've lost connection to Gather's servers. You may still be connected to our video servers and be able to see and hear others, but movement and object interact...
  9. A/V Troubleshooting

  10. Event Checklist FAQ