Updated Articles

  1. Gather 102

  2. Spotlighting

    Use Spotlighting for events and meetings! Read best practices, troubleshooting tips, and general details about the feature.
  3. Reservations and Space Management

  4. Editing or Canceling a Reservation or Subscription

    Need to change your reservation details before your event? No problem! Have to cancel a reservation? Well, we're bummed, but we can help you with that, too. This article covers how and when you can edit or cancel reservations in your Space das...
  5. Common Reservation and Space Questions

  6. Can I upgrade my Space while my event is happening?

    Have more people showed up than you expected? Don't worry - you can upgrade your Space during an event or ongoing subscription!
  7. How do I increase my Space capacity?

    How to increase your Gather space's capacity during an event.
  8. Islands Scavenger Hunt

    For some added fun, we've put together a scavenger hunt that you can do solo or with your friends! To get started, head on over to the Create a Space page and create a new space using the "Islands" template. For an extra challenge, ...
  9. Dungeon Escape Map

    Need a quick idea for a social? Our Dungeon Escape map is a great activity for you or your friends to learn how Gather works.
  10. Build Your Office

    Ready to get started with Gather for your remote office? These posts cover building your Space and following best Space design practices for your virtual office.
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