Updated Articles

  1. Gather 102

  2. Information Board

    How to add, edit, or delete pinned messages in the Information Board.
  3. "Error Has Occurred" in Mapmaker

    Troubleshooting tips for resolving the "Error has occurred" message in the Mapmaker.
  4. Common Privacy and Security Questions

  5. Can kids use Gather?

    What are the age restrictions for Gather?
  6. Deleting a Space

    If you have created a Space you no longer want, you can temporarily disable it or permanently delete it. First, open the Space dashboard . In the Left Nav Menu , select Shut Down or Delete .  Open your Space dashboard and click Shu...
  7. Reservations and Space Management

  8. 4 Steps to Host Your First Gather Event!

    Ready to get started with your Gather event? Sign in, create a Space, make a reservation, and party!
  9. Virtual Pumpkin Carving

    Can't get together in person to carve pumpkins? Or maybe you don't have a physical office you can decorate with freshly carved pumpkins. Either way, we have a solution! Virtual pumpkin carving! Create pumpkins with your friends or co-workers...
  10. Common Reservation and Space Questions

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