Updated Articles

  1. Private Area Tiles Updated

    How to use private area tile effects
  2. Gather Experiences

    Ideas and guides for hosting socials and game nights in Gather
  3. Talent Show

    How to run a talent show in Gather
  4. Gather Grand Prix

    How to use the Race template for go kart grand prix in Gather!
  5. Speed Gathering

    A quick guide to Speed Gathering, a get-to-know you game in Gather
  6. Taking Sides

    Use our Taking Sides template to quickly throw together a social where you learn all about everyone's opinion on cholate and vanilla.
  7. How do I use the Q&A chat feature?

    How to use or add the Q&A feature in Gather
  8. Event Checklist FAQ

  9. Booths & Poster Sets

    How to add a poster or a logo to an existing poster or booth set and add a booth or poster set, plus tips and tricks for poster and booth halls.
  10. Objects Overview

    An overview of what objects are and how they're used in Gather.