Updated Articles

  1. Private Area Tiles

    How to use private area tile effects
  2. Choose Your Reservation Type

    The difference between the three plans we offer for reservations and when to choose which.
  3. Create a Reservation or Subscription

    How to make a reservation for your Gather Space
  4. Reservation & Subscription FAQs

  5. What if I have fewer attendees than I expected?

    Before your event starts, if you have an Upcoming  One-Time Event event, you can update your Space capacity and reduce the number of expected concurrent participants. Head to your Space dashboard to review your Reservations. Select Mana...
  6. Build Your Office

    Ready to get started with Gather for your remote office? These posts cover building your Space and following best Space design practices for your virtual office.
  7. Create a Space

    How to create your first Space in Gather in less than 5 minutes!
  8. How do I plan an event in a Space with a monthly subscription?

    If you want to host an event in a Space with a subscription, you'll need to make a reservation on top of your subscription. Head to the  Space dashboard and select Reservations . If your event is less than 3 days, choose the One-Time E...
  9. What is a reservation and why do I need one?

    You make a reservation when you need to have more than 25 people in your Gather Space at the same time (or when you want to have the moderation perks of a Premium Space, like domain access restriction ). To make a reservation , you'll need t...
  10. Edit or Cancel a One-time Event Reservation

    How to edit or cancel your reservation or subscription in Gather