Why can't I share my screen?

Warning: If you have previously granted permissions for Gather but can no longer use your camera, mic, or screen share, you may need to reset your permissions in your browser. Mac users may need to reset their system preferences as well, which means removing then adding back permission for your browser.

If you are having trouble sharing your screen on Gather, start by checking your browser's permissions. For example, in Chrome, select the padlock in the URL bar to view the browser's current permissions. You will need to grant Chrome access to your camera to enable screen sharing. 

If you experience the error message of "you don't have permissions", we recommend upgrading your browser version and trying again. If that doesn't work, we also recommend verifying with your company's IT department to make sure they've updated permission to screenshare on Gather. 

A screenshot of the fancy office template in Gather in Chrome. In the URL bar, the padlock icon is outlined in red. Chrome's browser permissions window is open, with a red outline around Camera and Microphone, which are both set to Allow.To check your browser's permissions in Chrome, click on the padlock icon in the URL. Ensure Camera is set to Allow.

Tip: For a complete explanation of how to share in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, see the Screen Sharing article.

Mac System Permissions

If you are using a Mac, you may need to check your System Preferences as well to share your screen. Open your System Preferences. Select Security & Privacy.

A screenshot of a Mac desktop with the System Preferences window open. Security & Privacy is outlined in red.On your Mac, open System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.

Select Privacy in the top panel, then scroll down in the left menu and click Screen Recording. You may need to click the padlock in the bottom left of the window to make changes. If your browser does not appear in the list, click the plus sign and select your browser from your Applications. 

A screenshot of a Mac desktop with Security & Privacy open. Screen Recording is outlined in red, and in the list of allowed apps, Google Chrome is outlined in red and selected. A red arrow points to the plus sign beneath the list of apps, with text that reads In Security & Privacy, select Screen Recording. Select the browser to provide permissions, or select the plus (+) sign to add your browser.

You will need to quit your browser and reopen it for the changes to save.

Tip: For a complete explanation of how to manage your Mac permissions, see the System Permissions article.

Warning: We do not currently support other browsers, so we have not included information for screen sharing outside of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.