Troubleshooting and FAQ


Mobile Support
We are actively working on improving the mobile experience, but for now, we are primarily focusing on improving Gather features holistically.  The known issues we have with our mobile/tablet beta experience currently include: No way to inter...
Adding Music or a DJ
Right now we don't have a feature to directly stream music. It is definitely on our wish list. In the mean time, here are a few options: Low Tech Use a separate computer and sign in as a "DJ" to pipe music into the room by playing th...
Magic Link Troubleshooting
A magic link is a time-sensitive single use token emailed to your inbox which creates a relationship between the browser or desktop app in which the link is opened and your email address.  After you click a magic link, you will be brought to a...
Can I import my own avatar?
Do we allow custom avatars? Not yet, but we do have lots of options!
Help! I can't move! And/or all I see is a black background!
Are you seeing a black screen? Check out our troubleshooting tips.
What is the font you use in your demo spaces?
The font used in our conference spaces is Amatic (aka Amatic SC). It's a free font you can pick up at font squirrel: or with google fonts (if you're using it on the web):
How do I use a virtual background?
Right now Gather doesn't support virtual backgrounds natively, but you can use any number of virtual webcam software options to get that functionality, and then use those virtual webcams inside of Gather. Here's a tutorial on how to do tha...
Report a Bug
Experience a bug while using Gather? Here's how to submit a bug report in Gather.
How do I close the side panel?
How to close the side panel in Gather.
Recording Feature on Gather?
Gather currently does not provide recording services directly in our platform. However, we welcome you to use any free online tool to record your own Gather events.  OBS Streaming is a great and free online tool for this purpose. Here's a ...
Blank white screen (When pressing X to interact)
Why your interactable Gather object is producing a blank white screen.
Here are the instructions on how to play using the game object in Gather. As the host , only you should only click "X" to near the game object to start. You will need to create a private room so you can invite your ...
Troubleshooting Checklist
A checklist of basic troubleshooting steps for a/v, performance, or screen issues.
"Error Has Occurred" in Mapmaker
Troubleshooting tips for resolving the "Error has occurred" message in the Mapmaker.
How do I help blind users?
Need to support blind guests? Use Custom Spawn Locations into Private Areas.
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