Nothing brings a group together like separating them out into teams for a trivia battle! Read on for how to run a virtual trivia night using Gather...

The Gather trivia space, which has five tables, each with 8 chairs at the table. Each table is a different color, with red, yellow, blue, green, and orange tables and chairs. A small table with two mics is the front center of the Map for the emcee.The Gather trivia template


  • Setup Difficulty: ⭐⭐☆☆☆ (2 out of 5)
    • The trivia template is not available to create as a unique Space or to add as a Room. It's currently available as a social in the Rec Room object in remote work Spaces and an option for the new Remote Work experiences.
  • Participation Difficulty: ⭐⭐☆☆☆ (2 out of 5)
  • Players: 2-50ish (More than 50 will be crowded based on the size of the Room)
  • Emcee: Necessary 
  • Average Time: 30-90 minutes
  • Media: Trivia is already embedded! 

Note: Currently trivia is only available in remote work Spaces as a social through the Rec Room. 

Pick the Emcee

The first step is picking an emcee. This person will run the trivia, asking the questions and providing updates to the score. The emcee sits on the bench in front of the mics, which broadcasts their audio and video to everyone in the Room. They pick the trivia pack, the number of questions, and amount of time for each question, then start the game. 

The Host a trivia game modal is open in the trivia Space. Mixed Categories is selected as the trivia pack, and number of questions is 10 and time per question is 60 seconds. Three teams are visible above the Start game button.The emcee picks the trivia pack, the number of questions, and how long the teams have to answer their questions.

Additional Details and Tips

  • Because the bench behind the mics is a spotlight, the emcee will be able to see everyone in the Room, but will only be able to hear people who are within five tiles of them.
  • The emcee gets to choose between two quiz packs: Mixed Categories, which offers 250 easy-to-medium difficulty questions, or General Trivia, which offers 200 medium-to-hard difficulty questions.  
    • The emcee cannot start the game until at least one team has joined the game.
    • When ready to begin trivia, select Start game. The first question shows to each team, with a countdown timer. 
    • Anyone on the team can select the answer and submit it, and the answer can be changed up until the time runs out.
    • The emcee sees a green checkmark next to the correct answer.
    • Select Reveal Answer to show the answer to the teams before time has run out.
  • The emcee can click the trophy icon to view the score on the leaderboard or to end the game. 
    • Click on any team name to see who's on the team.

Pick Teams

Each table is a different team, with up to five teams.

  • The team name defaults to the name of the first person who joins the table. However, anyone who's joined can edit the name, up until the emcee starts the game. 
  • Everyone at the table connects to each other's audio and video in a private area. Anyone who isn't sitting at the table (or standing on that table's carpet) cannot see or hear what the people at that table are saying. 

The Welcome to trivia modal displaying Team Matt. Matt is currently the only person on the team. Beneath Matt is a Join Team button.Players walk up to a table and press "x" to join the team.

Explain Gameplay

To start the event, the emcee sits on the bench in front of the mics at the top of the room. The emcee should tell participants how to play. Instructions might be something like the following: 

  1. Walk up to a table to join a team—you'll be able to see and hear the people who are at that table with you, plus the emcee. 
  2. Come up with a name for your team.  
  3. There will be ___ questions with a time limit of ___ seconds per question.
  4. Anyone on the team can select the answer and submit it, and the answer can be changed up until the time runs out.
  5. As long as the trivia question modal is open, you cannot move your character. Close the trivia modal to move.

Pursue the Trivia

Before launching into the questions, you may want to give everyone a few minutes to get used to Gather if they're new users. (Check out our Guest Guide to Gather to help newbies!) When everyone is settled in their teams, begin your trivial pursuit! 

An annotated view of the trivia question as seen by the platers. The trophy icon is outlined with a note that reads click the trophy to view the leaderboard. An icon that shows 51 s is circled with a note of number of seconds left to submit an answer. Next to the trivia question modal, a note reads Select your team's answer, then press Submit.The view players see of trivia. Anyone on the team can select the answer, then choose Submit. 

Bonus Tips

  • Have at least two back-up questions in case you have a disputed question or need a tie breaker. 
  • Send out a snack pack or set a budget for a happy hour!
  • Award online gift cards for the top team(s)—just have the winners send you their email address.