Synchronized Videos

Want to schedule a movie night or invite clients to a scheduled demo? You can use synced TVs for that! Gather supports synced objects, which are set to start playing an embedded video at the same time for everyone. 

Add a TV

From your Space, select Build in the Left Nav Menu. Select Edit in Mapmaker. (While you can add and erase objects from your Space, best practice is to manage objects in the Mapmaker.) In the Mapmaker, select Objects in the Top Nav Menu. In the Objects tab in the right panel, select More Objects. The Object Picker opens. Search for a TV and select the one you wish to use.

To set a synchronized start time, simply select the time and date you would like your video to automatically start in the appropriate field.

Embedded video options with the Synchronized Start Time field boxed under the advanced options setting. 

To test your synced TV to see if the video plays back properly, set the 'time' for a time ~1 minute in the past, and make sure the video plays accordingly. (It should start ~1 minute in.)

Video objects with a sync time set that have not yet reached their sync time will appear on the map, with a blank black screen. The blank screen will continue to display until the start time you have entered. Guests will not be able to start playing the video on their own.

A black screen with small white text that reads "There's no video playing right now!"

Warning: You cannot use the Synchronized Start Time in conjunction with Live Streams. 

For more info, see our Synced TV Object tutorial. Please note that the mapmaker interface is outdated in this video, but the general workflow remains the same.