Summer Sale 2021 FAQ

What is the summer promotion?

The summer promotion is open to all reservations made and paid during month of June, 2021.  We are providing major discounts to all Metropolis reservations that run between 1-30 days (which means one-time events, not subscriptions) to celebrate the start of summer! Enjoy more access to Gather with some fun in the sun with your friends and family! 

An image showing three desk areas. The on ein the middle shows a mini island with a guitar, beach chair and palm tree. The other 2 desks are fairly traditional. The desk on the left has 2 people working at it and the one on the right has a statue sitting at the computer. At least one person in our office is ready for summer, and you can be, too!

New to Gather?

Don't forget to check out this article on How to Host Your First Gather Event in 4 Easy Steps!

Whoa! Does this make all Metropolis reservations cheaper than Town reservations?

You betcha! Why pay more AND limit yourself when you can enjoy unlimited objects and all of the moderation tools offered in our Metropolis plan?

How can I apply my discount code?

You can learn more about how to set up your reservation details and pricing at our Setting Up My Reservation support page. Specifically, here's the location to enter your summer sale code: 

An animated image showing the Discount Code Prompt & Application Button. Remember this only works for Metropolis Reservations!

The Discount shows $0.00 off! What's wrong?

Summer Sale Discounts only apply to Metropolis reservations. Please remember to change the tier your reservation is on! (See above gif for an example of this happening.)


Can I use this code to book for a reservation in December or in 2022?

Yes! You can use this code to book for any upcoming event as long as you make your reservation before July 1st. Simply use the code "SUMMERSALE" for your reservation on your Space's Premium Dashboard. (Make sure you create your space first and apply the discount to the correct Space!).  You can find out more about this process in our article: 4 Steps to Host You First Gather Event!

What if I need to change my reservation details after the month of June? 

You will still be able to benefit from the Summer Sale discount price as long as your original reservation is booked before the end of June. That is, if you increase your capacity in the middle of August, your upgraded capacity will still be discounted at 70% off!

Can I combine this with any other discount?

No, only 1 discount code is allowed per reservation.

What's the maximum reservation length I can book for?

30 days. You can book  an event (or multiple events) with any length between 1 hour and 30 days. This offer does not extend to include subscriptions of any length. 

How many times can I use this code?

As many times as you need! (within the month of June). 

Will I get refunded if I cancel an event booked using this code?

Yes! All refunds will be processed as usual and will take roughly 5 to 7 business days to process. Note that refunds will not be issued once an event has begun. Please be sure to cancel any reservation you do not plan to use.

Existing Event Reservation Questions

I have an upcoming event and paid a much higher rate, can I retroactively apply this discount to my event?

If you wish to take advantage of this discount, AND your event has not yet started, you can absolutely cancel your upcoming reservation and book a new one using this code.

My event already started and continues into June, can I retroactively apply this discount code?

No. This code is only for events booked in the month of June. If your event has already started, you may risk service disruptions by canceling your active and ongoing reservation. 

My event was in June or sometime after and I didn't notice the discount until after it was over, can I get a retroactive discount?

You can apply this discount on your dashboard at anytime before your event starts, but if your event has already started or has past, we will not be able to retroactively offer you a discount or refund your event. 

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