Status Messages

You can set status messages for others to see in the Participants pane! To edit or set a status message, click on your name in the control panel at the center of the bottom of your screen.

Edit your status by clicking your name at the bottom of the screen

Text Statuses are displayed under each users name in the Participants Tab. The set emoji will appear to the right of your name. To have an emoji appear below your name, include it in the status text box. (Press windows key+. (period) to open the emoji panel on a Windows Machine).

Status messages will appear in the Participates Pane under your name

All of your past status messages will be saved so you can easily search and reselect old status messages! They are listed in the order that you first used them, not necessarily based on what was most recently used

You can search your past status messages to easily reuse them! 

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