Spotlight Tiles

When you step onto a Spotlight tile, you broadcast your voice and video to everyone in the current Room. Spotlight tiles are perfect for hosting meetings or making announcements.

Add Spotlight Tile

In the Mapmaker, select Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu. In the Tile Effects panel, select Spotlight. All Spawn tiles are highlighted in orange. If it is not already active, select Stamp in the Left Nav Menu.

An All Hands room in the Mapmaker, with Tile Effects selected in the Top Nav Menu and Spotlight selected and outlined in red in the Tile Effects section on the right. A red arrow points to the spotlight tile currently in the Room.To view or add Spotlight tiles, select Tile Effects in the Top Nav Menu, then select Spotlight in the Tile Effects panel on the right.

In our templates, we add a megaphone image to indicate the Spotlight tile. To add this indicator, select Objects in the Top Nav Menu, then select More Objects in the right panel to open the Object Picker. Search for "spotlight." Select the color you prefer, then place the indicator on top of the spotlight tile. 

The Object Picker is open with To add a megaphone spotlight indicator, open the Object Picker and search for "spotlight."

Spotlight Features

  • The spotlight broadcasts to everyone in the Room (not to the entire Space), even if they are in private areas. 
  • Spotlight tiles are often indicated by an orange megaphone.  
  • You know who's in the spotlight (including yourself) by the orange megaphone label on the speaker's video or screen share.
  • When you're in the spotlight, you will only be able to hear people within 5 tiles of you (but you can see everyone's video).
  • To spotlight more than one person:
    • add more than one spotlight tile, OR
    • use ghost mode (Ctrl/⌘+G) to step onto the spotlight tile while someone else is on it, OR
    • manually spotlight someone from their info card via the Participants panel.
    • If you want to host multiple meetings at the same time in a Space and use spotlight tiles for the speakers, make sure each meeting and spotlight tile is in a separate Room. 
    • Tip: You can spotlight up to 20 people at a time in a Room, but generally the fewer you spotlight, the better.
  • The Spotlight feature should only be used in Rooms with under 100 people. 
    • See this message? "Sharing A/V with too many people. Try turning off your video or screen." The speaker can reach more participants by turning off their own video, audio, screenshare, or some combination thereof.
    • Tip: Read Best Practices for 100+ Attendees if you have a meeting with more than 100 people.

Bonus Tips

If you'd like to host a Q&A session and provide an easy way for members of the audience to ask a question, add additional Spotlight tiles to the Map. You can add standing mics or podiums as additional visual indicators. 

An All Hands room in the Mapmaker with a small podium and spotlight tile outlined in red.Add an extra podium and spotlight tile for the audience to ask questions. 

Admins and Mods can also manually spotlight anyone. Select a name from the Participants list, and from their info card, select Spotlight

A view of a Game Space with the Participants panel open and an arrow pointing from Sam to Sam's info card. Spotlight is outlined in red on the info card.Admins and Mods can manually spotlight someone by selecting Spotlight on their info card from the Participants list.

Tip: Read our Spotlighting best practices article for more info on spotlight tiles. 

Events Spaces let Admins easily spotlight themselves from the toolbar. Just select Spotlight in the toolbar and your audio and video will be broadcasted to everyone in the Room. Select the button again to unspotlight yourself. 

On the toolbar, the spotlight icon, which is a megaphone, is outlined in red, with an arrow pointing from it to the message You've been spotlighted. To unspotlight yourself, click on the navigation button or by opening your name card. Admins can spotlight themselves from the toolbar in Event Spaces.