How can I see who has visited my Space?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to track Space analytics at this time. It is something we are exploring and hope to implement, but we do not currently have a release date for this feature. You can upvote this request or add a comment with what analytics you're looking for on the Space Statistics/Analytics/Data thread at

In the meantime, an option to track guests is to add a Google Form (or your preferred survey app) to an interactive object in your Space to collect guest info. 

Note: Read more about embedding Google Forms. The same steps apply to adding a URL from the survey app of your choice.

Tip: You can use a Google Form for a raffle for Space attendees! Anyone who wants to participate can enter their info in the form. From the Google Form spreadsheet, you can select the names column and use RANDBETWEEN function to select a winner.