Space Access Permissions

How to limit and/or protect access to your Gather Spaces

Set or Remove a Space Password

By default, anyone with the URL to your Space can access your Space. We automatically generate Spaces using a random string significant enough to prevent access through random guessing; however, the more widely distributed your link is, the higher the possibility you may encounter  unwelcome guests. 

Manage from Space Settings

To prevent unwelcome guests, you can easily protect your space with a password. Click Settings (cog icon) in the Left Nav Menu. With the Space tab active, click Space Access in the left nav.  Enter a Space Password.

In the Left Nav Menu, the Settings icon is outlined in red, with a red line connecting it to the Space Settings window, which is also outlined in red. In Space Settings, Space Access is expanded, and Space Password displays as the first field. Open your Space Settings. Click Space Access in the Left Nav, then add a Space Password.

To remove the password, click Remove (if it exists).

Manage from the Space Dashboard

Alternatively, you can also open your Space dashboard. Click Space Access in the dashboard's Left Nav Menu. Toggle the Space Password on, enter a password, and click Save

You can also add a password through the Space dashboard. Click Space Access, toggle the Space Password on, and enter a password.

To remove the password from the dashboard, toggle the Space Password setting off.

User Experience

When someone tries to enter your password-protected space, they will see this message:

User Experience with Password Verification

Warning: If you remove or change a password while people are in your Space, they will all respawn to your default Spawn tiles.

Guestlist Only Access

For an added level of security, you can instead limit access to your Space to a guestlist. Having a guestlist will override password protection. Guestlists are tied to individual Spaces, not accounts.

Guest lists can be uploaded from your space's Premium Dashboard and must be formatted as Comma-Separated Values (.csv) 

If you are using Microsoft Excel, you will need to Export to a CSV. Files that are saved as a CSV but not previously exported as a CSV may not upload properly.

The Columns "e-mail" and "name" are required fields. The other valid headings include "role" and "affiliation." These are optional fields. 

An example valid guestlist spreadsheet. This must be exported as a CSV before being uploaded to Gather. 

If you leave the name field blank, those individuals will be able to change their names. If you have this field filled out, it will be a fixed name that is locked from editing. This is frequently used to firmly set names and roles at the event. The only way to change their name moving forward would be to alter the guestlist and re-upload it. 

Once you've uploaded your list, it will not appear at the top, but you will have a preview of your list at the bottom of the Guestlist Setting Section.

Your active guestlist will be listed at the bottom of the guest list settings, circled here in purple. 

The Role Column is for your own reference and does not appear within the space, and does not directly translate to our Owner, Moderator, and Builder roles within your space controls.

 The Affiliation Column will show up on the user's information menu as seen below:

Occasionally, you may see an error message that says, "line undefined: Unable to auto-detect delimiting character; defaulted to "," that looks like this: 

an image with the words, "line undefined: Unable to auto-detect deliminating character; defaulted to ","You may see this message when you try to upload your Guestlist

This may happen if some of the e-mail addresses in your CSV contain multiple periods and you only have two columns/categories.  The quickest way to get around this is to add in an additional column for "role" in your file. 

View of Guest Experience

This is the user interface attendees will see when attempting to enter your guestlist protected space. They will need to enter their email account to both sign in and verify their email against your set guestlist. 

Initial Guestlist Pop Up

They will receive a one-time magic link in their personal email inbox in order to enter your space for the first time. After that, if they are still logged in to Gather through their browser then they can easily re-enter the space at anytime. We recommend setting up a Guest List Help Contact, in case their email is not in your provided guestlist then they can personally contact you to immediately update the guestlist during the event. 

Setting a Guestlist Help Contact

Domain Access

If you have made a reservation or have a subscription for your Space, you can add the additional security method of restricting Space access by email domain. This means to enter your Space, a person must be logged in and their account email must match the domain(s) you've listed. 

Note: Email domain access restriction is only available on Premium (paid) Spaces.

To limit Space access by email domain, open your Space dashboard. Select Space Access in the Left Nav Menu, and toggle on Email domain access. Enter the domain(s) you wish to have access to the Space and select Save

Note: An email domain is the part of the email address that comes after the @ symbol.

A view of a Space dashboard with Space Access selected in the Left Nav Menu. The Email domain access is toggled on and the section is outlined in red. In the field for email domains, "" displays with an x next to it. A Save button displays to the right of the field. To restrict access to your Space by email domain, open your Space dashboard. Select Space Access, and toggle on Email domain access. Enter the email domain(s) and select Save.

To remove the email domain restriction, select the x next to the domain, then select Save.

Allow Staff Access

If you are having issues and contact Gather for support, we may need you to grant us access to your Space so we can better troubleshoot. To allow Gather staff to access your Space, go to your Space dashboard and click Space Access in the Left Nav Menu. Toggle on Allow Staff Access

A screenshot of the Space dashboard. Space Access is outlined in a red box in the Left Nav Menu, and Allow Staff Access is also outlined in a red box. The toggle is on, which is indicated by the green color and the button moved to the right. Provide Gather Staff access to your Space from the Space dashboard. Click Space Access, then toggle on Allow Staff Access.

You can also grant Gather staff access to your Space from your Settings. Click Settings in the Left Nav Menu of your Space or open User/Video Preferences from the Bottom Action Bar. With the Space tab active, click Space Access in the Left Nav Menu of the Settings, and toggle on Allow Staff Access.

Note: It does not matter whether you grant access from the Space dashboard or your Space Settings.

A screenshot of the Space settings window. The Settings cog is outlined in green in the Space's Left Nav Menu, as is the avatar's name/status in the Bottom Action Bar. These are two different ways to open the Space Settings. In the Settings window, Space Access is outlined in green, and so is Allow Staff Access. The toggle is also to the right and blue, indicating it is on.You can also grant Gather Staff access to your Space from the Settings. On the Space tab, click Space Access, and toggle on Allow Staff Access.

Alert: Gather Staff will never ask you for the password to your Space.

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