Here are the instructions on how to play using the game object in Gather. As the host , only you should only click "X" to near the game object to start. You will need to create a private room so you can invite your friends!

Creating a room

 Click "Create New Room"

Click "Create New Room (via"


You will need to click "Create Private Room". Don't click "Play!" because that will take you to a random room.

Click "Create Private Room"

Copy the ENTIRE link 

Copy the ENTIRE link
Message the ENTIRE link in Gather Chat "Nearby"

Message Link in "Nearby" Chat

Joining the Room

Players can now  press "X" to interact with the Game Object. Paste the entire link in the "Join Room"  text box.

Friends paste game link

Players will need to type in their name and click "Play!"

Friends type in their name and click "Play!"

If you did it correctly, you should see you and all of your invitees under the word "Players"

All people who are playing game