Tip: While it's possible to play in Gather, we recommend playing DrawBattle instead. DrawBattle is also available from the Object Picker, is much more intuitive to set up, doesn't have ads, and is just as fun!

Add Object

Open the Object Picker and search for Skribbl. Select the object and place it in your Space.

The Object Picker is open and skribbl is entered in the Search field. the object is selected.Search for "Skribbl" in the Object Picker.

Note: is already set up at a table in the Game Room template.

Start a Game

One person should be the host and press "x" to open the Skribbl object. Select Create New Room (via

The page displays with options to Join a room or Create New Room.The host should press "x" for the object, then select Create New Room.

Select Create Private Room. 

Warning: Don't select Play! because that will take you to a random room.

Select Create Private Room. From your Skribbl room, copy the link.

Paste the room link into Gather's chat.

Warning: The host must keep the Skribbl iframe open in Gather for the room to be available for other players. If the host closes Skribbl in Gather, the players will be sent to a random game when they click the link.

Join the Game

Players can now press "x" to interact with the object. 

Riley and Sam are sitting at a table with a object in the center. A toast message reads Press x to play Skribbl.ioPlayers must press "x" to open

Players should paste the Skribbl link from Chat into the "Join a room by pasting a skribbl link"  text box, then select Join Room.

The skribbl link is highlighted and a red arrow points from the link to the skribbl field where it is pasted.Paste the room link into the field beneath "Join a room by pasting a skribbl link below"

A Skribbl room opens, and the players can type in their name and select Play!

If you did it correctly, all attendees should be visible, and you can begin game play.

Tip: Having problems? Open the Object Picker and choose DrawBattle instead!