Signing In/Creating an Account on Gather

By default, every Gather user is anonymous - you are not required to sign in. There are benefits to signing in/creating an account, though, including retaining control over the spaces you make after your browser cache is cleared or overwritten, and being able to access Gather spaces created by other users which have an email guestlist. 

Step 1: Create an Account/Sign-In

Click 'Sign In' to begin the sign in process. When you sign-in for the first time, an account will automatically be created for you. The process of creating an account is the same as the sign-in process!

You can sign in/create an account from the control panel at the bottom of your screen inside of any space by clicking your name:

Clicking your name will bring up your User Menu

You can sign-in by clicking the "Sign In" button inside of your user menu. 

You can sign in to your personal Gather Homepage (Accessed by either clicking "Launch Gather" from our main page or by going directly to Once on your Gather Homepage, you can sign-in/create an account by clicking either the "Sign In" button on the upper right side of the page or in the center of the page.

On your Gather Homepage, you can sign in using one of two buttons that say "Sign In."

On the Desktop App, your Gather Homepage will look identical to the Web App page seen above.

Step 2: Choose Magic Link or Google

You can sign into/create an account in Gather by using your Google account, or you can have a magic link sent to any inbox.

The magic link is a time-limited, one-time-use token that ties your account to your email address by confirming that you have access to that inbox. 

You will have to send a new magic link every time you wish to sign in, although you will remain signed in in a browser as long as you do not clear your cookies. 

The magic link expires after about five minutes; please be prompt in clicking, and if you have requested one but have not received it, please wait up to two minutes before requesting another one. 

If your email address is hosted by a university or company, and you cannot find your magic link email, check your spam folder. If you have requested multiple links and not received them, check with your institution's IT help desk.

Step 3: Finish Signing In: Magic Link

After you get the email with the magic link, you can open the link in the browser of your choice to sign in in that browser. Or, you can select 'desktop app' and pass the login to the Gather desktop app. 

Step 4: Get Back to Gathering!

Once you're logged in, try clicking the link to the space you were trying to enter again. 

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